After the last token has been transferred to participants and the dust has settled down, it all comes down to the roadmap and the company’s ability to deliver what they had claimed. The roadmap is both the blueprint and yardstick for measuring the development of businesses entering the blockchain space. It tells the community how far development has come and how soon the service they had contributed to will be available for use. There is a great deal of pressure for blockchain startups to deliver according to the roadmap.

IoT sensor data platform DataBroker DAO has weathered one of the most tumultuous periods in blockchain history to announce the launch of its decentralized data monetization marketplace. Built for individuals, industries and organizations, it allows users to buy and sell IoT sensor data from anywhere in the world.

One Giant Leap for Blockchain Utility

Developed by SettleMint, a startup focused on unleashing the blockchain’s potential for businesses, DataBroker DAO is turning the sunk cost of IoT sensor devices into an exciting revenue stream for owners. Many industries and sectors stand to benefit from the smart marketplace. From vertical scalability and speed for network operators to research data for academics and corporations, DataBroker DAO is positioning itself to lead scientific breakthroughs on the blockchain.

Following the close of its extended token sale on June 30th for its native cryptocurrency, DTX, and an initial disappointment of not reaching its sale target of 108 million DTX, DataBroker DAO has set about establishing several key partnerships. It is dialoguing with governments and communities across the globe to positively impact development through leveraging the platform for their needs.

Global Reach

DataBroker DAO was one of the attendees at the Smart Island World Congress earlier this year. The event hosted international experts and leading authorities discussing challenges encountered by island nations and possible solutions. DataBroker DAO’s IoT sensor-based waste management solution was one of the highlights of the gathering.

With its aim at the congress achieved, DataBroker DAO has now set its sights on various expos and events around the world in the coming months. It will be kicking off with Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona from November 13th to November 15th, 2018. Barcelona will be playing host to tens of thousands of consumers and businesses and hundreds of innovative speakers and exhibitors as DataBroker DAO presents ways of improving lives through its smart technologies. DataBroker DAO will be at the Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) booth at the Fira de Barcelona throughout the event.

DataBroker DAO will also be increasing its presence in China through a series of roadshows and collaborative meetups. IoT technologies are expected to help grow the Chinese GDP by 20% to 30% by 2020. The IoT market is currently estimated at CNY 500 Billion (USD 80 Billion). DataBroker DAO hopes to be a part of this growth.

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