Decentralization ledger technology such as blockchain has introduced concepts and facilities that were never thought possible. The technology is being adopted by every sector and industry. JioJioMe, with its JCash cryptocurrency, is one such platform that is changing the current advertising ecosphere by leveraging on the blockchain.

Personalized Advertisement Without Privacy Violation

Advertizing has always relied on accurate data on potential consumers to deliver the most effective of ads in order to get the highest level of customer attraction. In a world where anyone with a digital device is connected to the internet, information availability is not an issue for businesses and ad creators. It is the ability to collect the data that is.

Big data companies, like Google and Facebook, have always been a source of data to advertisers. With hundreds of thousands of users, news about these platforms has recently come to light where they have breached user trust and are gathering data that is not willingly imparted.

JCash, with its decentralized network, eliminates the unethical practice of data collection by turning the situation totally around. Users of the platform willingly fill in their preferences and interests for advertisers. This creates a list of very reliable and accurate data, which the advert creators and owners can use to give tailor-made ads to the users. For advertisers and organizations, this is very attractive since it means their ads will be keenly watched by users, which in turn means a higher rate of customer patronization.

End-User Benefit

The platform not only gives content creators an advantage but incentivizes ad viewers by creating a crypto economy, where users are rewarded for watching the ads by the creators through the native JCASH token.

Using a unique Proof of Activity protocol, users who successfully refer watched ads to other users are further rewarded with the JCash crypto token. The earned tokens can be used for different purchases on the Jio Market. Options include various vouchers, promotions, products and services offered by merchants on the platform. With 600 merchants already having established e-shops (and more joining on a regular basis), users have a vast variety to choose from.

JCash As a Token

JCash, the currency powering JioJioMe ecosystem, is currently a centralized token. With its token generation even live at the moment, it will transit to the decentralized version at its end on the 9th of November, 2018. The token can be acquired at a rate of 1 JCASH = 0.2 USD. Out of the 224,000,000 tokens available, more than 15,213,000 already have been backed by investors. Early birds get a 100% bonus for the first 24,000,000 JCASH contributed for, with the bonus decreasing at different stages as more backers join up. A minimum 2500 JCASH  must be backed by investors to participate in the event.

The JioJioMe mobile app, available both on the Android and iOS platform, is the gateway to targeted advertising and earning from watching and referring the ads.

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