Skycoin, the third-generation blockchain project promoting the next era of decentralized web, has proudly announced the official launch of its mobile wallet for Android devices.

Understanding that full democratization of peer-to-peer monetary systems must be rooted in secure and functional storage, the Skycoin project has built a wallet that meets these requirements: ultra security and mobility with functionality on the go. Its initial mobile wallet release includes all of the basic wallet functions, as well as unique features for advanced users, without compromising the security of a standard blockchain wallet.

Secure cryptocurrency storage and management

Users of the mobile wallet can expect the typical features one would get from a wallet, such as:

– new wallet creation and recalling of existing wallets

– basic transaction history overview

– QR code scanner and generation

– new address generation

Catering to the advanced user

Experienced users can have even more control over their funds, with the ability to select specific UTXO (unspent outputs) within the wallet when sending Skycoin. This lets you customize your own Coin Hour usage to fit your requirements.

Those members of Skyfleet who are keen to ensure higher levels of security can even select their own nodes to prevent reading data from hijacked nodes or competing nodes. If that’s not enough, wallet seeds are hardware encrypted and will never leave the device.

Furthermore, despite the sentiments of the current market downtrend, Skycoin will continue to focus on even more development objectives, and is sure to be announcing future updates in the coming weeks and months.

The Skycoin mobile wallet is current available at, with minimum requirements of Android v6.0 “Marshmallow”.

Experience the most advanced blockchain in existence

The Skycoin platform is built from the ground up by the earliest contributors to both Bitcoin and Ethereum, incorporating the best features of blockchain and learning from the lessons of the past.

Skycoin features the utmost in security, is able to scale infinitely and is independent of ISP. It aims to fulfil the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, using bandwidth, storage and computational power to build the Skycoin technology ecosystem of harmonious integration.

This ecosystem is made out of the following main components.

Skywire replaces the obsolete centralized protocols of the internet with a blockchain-based internet service held together by thousands of nodes to directly connect and route traffic in a mesh network. This results in a much more stable, faster and secure network superior to the world wide web of today.

In a step towards decentralization, PoW and PoS are discarded in favor of the Obelisk distributed consensus algorithm which distributes influences via a “web of trust”. Each node is subscribed to a list of other nodes, with its subscriber density determining influence. Every node has its own personal blockchain acting as a channel for public broadcasting, publicly recording every node’s action.

Skycoin works over the elegance of a robust, customizable and infinitely scalable Fiber network, which uses the Obelisk consensus protocol for cheaper and faster transactions.

To learn more about Skycoin, visit the website or read details in the Skycoin whitepaper. Find out about the Skycoin bounty program on Telegram or connect with them on Twitter.

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