The age old saying, knowledge is power, has never been more emphasized than in today’s world. With every person, who has access to gadgets and the internet, generating data, the world is full information – just waiting to be called upon and used for various purposes.

The only thing still holding organizations and researchers back is the lack of access to the information and data generated online. Countless data collectors exist all over the world, from small-time collectors to Big Data corporations. With so many platforms and expensive access, many research and data analyzer organizations cannot contact the sellers, leading to a void that needs to be fulfilled.

Enter DataBlockchain

DataBlockchain is a decentralized marketplace that allows data sellers and buyers to meet in an environment that is conducive and beneficial to both. The team behind the platform realized that the current data market is complicated and fragmented. This has led to a complex number of choices with regard to not only access to data but relevant and accurate information for businesses that rely on availability of information.

DataBlockchain has been designed to tackle these issues. By providing a single decentralized platform for data and sellers, it eliminates the need for multiple markets, vendors and middlemen. This not only saves time, but gives cheaper data that meets the exact requirements of buyers. Vice Versa, sellers do not have to sit on different platforms, waiting for a seller to chance upon them. With the middleman gone, the sellers also can breathe easily, knowing that they will be getting the full amount of sales, without pesky platform owners taking a big cut from their sales.

Teaming Up With Media Direct

Media Direct is a world leading data collector and supplier for marketing and analysis field. The company possess a huge amount of data from various sectors of industries and sells it worldwide. With the announcement of partnering with DataBlockchain, it has agreed to share its data records pertaining to businesses, automotive industry, property, political and consumer records, a massive collection of 3,000,000,000 plus records, with the decentralized platform.

With the data available for researchers on the blockchain platform, a swift and efficient delivery, with practically zero hidden charges and fee is made possible.

Michael Richmond, CEO of Media Direct said, “I am a real believer that Blockchain represents the future of Digital Data. I have always believed when you deliver better data more efficiently everybody wins, and I am looking forward to the success of this project.”

What Does DataBlockchain Offer?

As a blockchain platform geared towards efficiency and speed, the platform has the following characteristics that traditional platforms fail to provide:

  • Monetization: Easy empowerment to sell data and capitalize on it.
  • Transparency: The blockchain approach gives data providers and sellers transparency in dealings and traceability of data.
  • Voting System: Data provided is rated by buyers, helping future buyers make a sound decision and giving credibility to sellers.
  • AI: By using advanced artificial intelligence, data on the platform can be sifted through and relevant information can be produced that is required by buyers, increasing the data quality.
  • Secure and Fast Payments: Using blockchain, transactions made on the platform are swift and secure, giving confidence that the money involved will not be lost or stolen and is received immediately.

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