RepuX Announces TGE

Polish-based startup RepuX has announced the start date for its public token generating event (TGE), which will run from the 6th March 2 pm UTC. In keeping with the best protocol for Token Generation Events, RepuX has stated that it will be adhering to KYC/AML standards and it will be using multi-sig cold storage wallet and issue token funds in time periods.

The company aims to use the launch of the RepuX TGE to connect with businesses and to gain global distribution for its utility token. RepuX has over 70 years of combined experience in marketing, software development, and business practice. The RepuX team is looking forward to seeing what potential business ideas developers will come up with, through the current business data.

The RepuX platform is designed to utilize both small and Medium Enterprises (Known as SME’s), to take advantage of business solutions, using a shared data network. SME’s do not possess the capabilities needed to implant useable business decisions and are often not able to use their collected data. Various companies collect this useful data but have an issue when they go to monetize it on any level. These companies can now upload anonymous data sets and sell them through smart contracts to developers.

RepuX taps into unused value

Developers look for data to be used for the development of machine learning and AI-based intelligence-driven apps, in addition to clients to sell info too. RepuX accesses the potential unused value from this disconnect by enabling SME’s to upload data and list potential use cases.

Developers can also sell their work to businesses, that can utilize the data for gathering analyzing, and using. RepuX recently announced integration with Bancor to provide liquidity for its anticipated 30,000 token buyers for the main sale.

SMEs Earn Rewards with RepuX

RepuX, is an ERC20 token based on the ethereum smart contracts and is the main exchange of value on the RepuX platform. The tokens will enable access to the RepuX protocol, and let all parties buy business data, as well as business AI-driven applications.

RepuX is a blockchain-backed platform for SMEs to earn rewards for sharing data on a secure, decentralized network.

The platform uses encrypted data, thus ensuring a high level of quality through reputation scores determined by purchasers. The RepuX system is one that will potentially reward Industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, accounting, micro-lending, and advertising, among many others. The platform hope’s to alter the way the world shares data, with a strong focus on transparency.

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