UK-based decentralized gaming marketplace TriForce Tokens, aiming to disrupt the $138 billion global gaming market, has announced that it is in its final stages of its ICO, with the close of the sale is to be ushered in with one of the pioneering games.

TriForce Token platform has achieved a notable recognition as being the first fully integrated blockchain platform into the online gaming ecosystem. In the past year, it has been developing a real-world solution for the gaming industry problems using blockchain technology. So far it has achieved some partnerships within the gaming ecosystem and has gained development strides.

Several game titles will be released shortly after the release of the first title, Eximius. Eximius is a real-time strategy and first-person shooter combat game with a 5-man team on each side. The game has been launched on Steam and is deemed the first ever game that has been launched on steam by a blockchain platform.

Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry, the gaming industry suffers a great deal from high costs in game development, marketing, and gameplay. This poses a huge barrier to player retention and provides little to no incentive for game developers to build interesting and consumer-focused games. The disruptive force of the TriForce Token platform is meant to bring about an enabling environment for both developers and gamers to interact directly, thereby cutting out the middleman.

The promising opportunities are numerous. Among others, is a substantial reduction in the cost of game development and distribution, consequently reducing the cost of gameplay. More so, while ideas are shared among developers within the ecosystem, feedbacks are also gotten directly from the gamers and a better gaming experience can be provided. Another benefit is an increased following and player retention due to an improved gaming experience.

Another feature being introduced by the platform is non-intrusive advertising, whereby gamers can view advertising that won’t disturb their gaming and they aren’t offended by them, and the developers can earn a little extra on the side too.

TriForce Tokens crowdfunding is in its last stages and would be running from 8 October to 11 November 2018. All previous sale schedules have been successful and the final stages, running for four weeks will have weekly bonuses stepped from 15%, 10%, and 5% until it returns to the base price of $0.15 per FORCE token. Investment limits are set at a $100, with a KYC and AML compliant sale model.

The support community is growing quickly, especially in the discord channel which is facilitated through incentives and bounties.

The FORCE token is currently being sold as an ERC-20 compliant token, however, the mainnet of the FORCE blockchain is in the works (currently under the private state on GitHub). Expected release is mid-2019, with a testnet in the Q1 of 2019. Once the mainnet is launched, the token swap from ERC-20 FORCE token to that on the new blockchain network will be in a ratio 1:1. The in-house blockchain is being designed to be more game friendly and allow for even reduced costs of deploying games.

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