Safein, the world’s leading solution for decentralized digital identity and payments, has announced dates for its token generation event, beginning with a pre-sale starting on April 3rd, 2018. This follows a successful whitelisting registration procedure held recently.

The Lithuanian tech firm has been busy finalizing the event, which will see the official introduction of its native digital token, SFN. Early contributors will benefit from a significant 71% bonus, with 1 ETH purchasing 12,000 SFN. This will lower to a rate of 1 ETH = 10,500 SFN at the second stage of pre-sale. Rates have been adjusted to account for the change in Ethereum price.

The General Sale

The main public event takes place on April 25th, 2018 at 13:00 UTC, with a soft cap set at 6,000 ETH and a hard cap set at 40,000 ETH. Early participants can still benefit from four bonus rounds of up to 29% extra SFN.

Decentralized Identity Will Soon be a Reality

Safein aims to accelerate the legitimization of modern payment service providers, providing a secure and easy way for users to eliminate the burdensome process of identity registrations and KYC/AML processes faced at each and every service they intend to access. With each registration increasing their exposure to privacy breaches or data hacks, Safein introduces a way to register and verify yourself only once on their platform to access any service integrated into its platform. One registration, multiple access, with all private data secured on Safein.

The Safein MVP

Users can already take a peek into what Safein will look like by using the MVP release. They can download the app, register and start storing cryptocurrency right away. Because Safein believes that the best protection for user data can only be achieved through intimate cooperation with its users, it has developed critical features that center around user empowerment and user control:

Users on the platform can monitor active sessions and track login history, allowing them to spot suspicious activity immediately. With a detailed view of each login session, users can identify the location of the device used, the device make and the user data shared in the session. Safein co-founder Vladas Jurkevičius stressed that the wallet prioritized both sides of the business, meaning that merchants can verify users for free while users kept full control of their data and privacy:

In addition, it offer revolutionary token model where merchants will be able to pay for transaction fees by holding Safein tokens and not spending it. Merchants can basically pay for their future payment fees with a great discount during our pre-TGE.”

Focus on Ease of Use

Safein will be single sign-on digital wallet built on blockchain. With a single click, users can access external services without the hassle of providing repeated verifications, accounts, logins and passwords.Data subjects are once more in charge of their own personal information, disclosing only what is necessary, with explicit user approval and the ability to cease sharing data any time they wish.

Additionally, the act of sending and receiving digital money – whether in fiat or crypto – will be further simplified, using the same digital identity capabilities to authorize payments. Its current target segment will include gaming and crypto communities, with which Safein has always enjoyed success.

To learn more, visit the Safein website and read the Safein whitepaper.

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