The internet has developed to be one of the most dependable digital tools in the world and has everyone connected by some piece of technology. Many activities take place on the internet making the world shrinking into a global village – becoming smaller and defying all cross-country boundaries.

As powerful as the internet is or can be, allowing only a few individuals to define or control the internet, goes against the very nature of the internet – decentralization. Despite the connected nature of the internet, personal boundaries and privacy issues are still very much a problem today.

Czech Republic-based internet platform Arbolet proposes an alternative ‘internet’ – an ecosystem free from censorships and placing privacy at the core of its operation. All the stuff that could be done on the regular internet such as shopping, streaming of digital contents, making money, social media and digital asset investments are inclusive with the advantage of true freedom from censorship and restrictions.

The Platform

The platform comes off as a complete internet tool that is crypto-friendly. It has its own bitcoin wallet facility that allows users to make as much as 21% interest per annum with the option of stabling the asset to fiat currency to avoid the harsh effects of price volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

The efforts of the banks are directed towards independence from the traditional banking institution by enabling their users to earn more when in control of their own funds in the form of cryptocurrency.

Arbolet’s earnings mainly come from investing bitcoin funds into exciting projects. Arbolet has different components that make up the platform: the wallet, personal payment gateway for online shopping, an information center where cryptocurrency news are offered, Bitcoin mixer, games, and quizzes.

Platform Features

  • Easy to use: the platform has a set of instructions to guide new members on how to use the platform.
  • Accessibility: the platform is designed to meet all types of user needs; it has been optimized for those with visual difficulties in order to maximize user experience.
  • Reward: Activity: This is the fuel for the platform and the more users engage with the projects within the platform the more earnings they receive.
  • Asset Security: Arbolet is designed with the ability to transact cryptocurrency among users with utmost security and privacy. The project developers have taken into consideration the need for top-notch security to outdo the current traditional banking systems. Arbolet founders are of the opinion that someday cryptocurrency on the internet will be the sole currency and it is preparing itself for that future, enabling users to transact with cryptocurrencies through its gateway.
  • Peer-to-Peer Multimedia Platform: As part of the objectives of Arbolet, they built an ecosystem that will promote mutual objectives and multimedia project creation and execution. It’s a well-incentivized community that works toward building a holistic internet ecosystem. The system functions on the basis of a decentralized P2P node network.
  • Content Distribution Network: the community build up multimedia contents by contributing and they get paid to do so. The platform in turns offers a variety of multimedia contents from around the world with secure download links to each content. As an added advantage of the platform, the founders developed an algorithm that creates a domain marketplace for cryptocurrency projects.

Strength Through Experience

Arbolet has been operational for the past three years and has registered more than 25,000 users mostly from the Czech Republic. It has now announced the English localization of its platform to expand its service reach to a global audience.

The financial scope of the project is one of the core objective of the platform, to enlighten people about cryptocurrency and educate them on investments with digital assets like Bitcoin and how to buy Bitcoin using fiat currencies. This way, they are making a path for crypto adoption through enlightenment.

Visit the Official Site – https://arbolet.netFollow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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