A common complaint about cryptocurrencies is that they are not backed by something intrinsically valuable like gold or oil. While the blockchain technology and distributed consensus system itself is of great value overall, the crypto community needs to sell the idea to regular people to make it more appealing. GEMERA looks to address this complaint with its new platform.

GEMERA is a new project that is 100% backed by Colombian emeralds, precious stones that are unique to the South American nation. GEMERA is not only offering a coin, but a solution to the problems involved in the value chain of emeralds that are often profiteered by middlemen, leaving little left over for producers and investors. GEMERA is scheduled to have an Initial Coin Offering starting from September 10 this year with 20% discount to early bird investors.

The World’s First Emerald Backed Coin

GEMERA is the world’s first emerald-backed coin. The project has courted major Colombian emerald producers that are certified and stored in Malca-Amit facilities in Hong Kong. The emerald stock will be part of the tokens that are issued in the pre-token generation event, thus fulfilling the basic promise of being 100% backed by real emeralds.

Colombia has been one of the biggest suppliers of the best emeralds in the world for the last five centuries. They are a common reference for quality and price in the gemstone industry around the world and experience healthy appreciation over time. The price of even rough emeralds has increased 135% since 2013 alone.

However, most of the exploits are passed down to the middlemen, while producers and local investors only get a small portion of the price appreciation, leaving employees working at stagnant wages.

GEMERA was started by an association of local Colombian emerald producers and entrepreneurs with a passion for Blockchain Technology and anticipated its importance in the future of gemstones business.

Gemera Token Generation Event

Gemera’s pre-token event will start from September 10 and last till October 24, 2018. The base price for each token is set at $1 but new participants will be eligible for a 20% discounts in the pre-token generation event.

The main public sale will start from October 25 and last till December 12.

For more information about GEMERA and its pre-sale visit https://www.gemera.io

Read the GEMERA White Paper https://src.gemera.io/src/GemeraWhitePaper.pdf

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