Top 1000 US company and ConsenSys blockchain consultant Nick Chisiu, has developed a new project called Squeezer. Squeezer will be the world’s first development platform to offer microservices target at blockchain developers, helping them build decentralized, serverless applications. It aims to be one of the most ambitious projects in the industry, using the innovative catalyst of microservices to promote further growth in blockchain development itself.

The Squeezer Framework has already been recognized for its powerful features, recording over 75,000 monthly downloads by software developers across the world. Prior to being recognized as one of only a handful of blockchain specialists, Chisiu built an extensive background in Informatics and Economics, cutting his teeth as a microservices architect and acquiring a vast range of technical and software development skills.

It is this deep insight gained that led him to build blockchain-based applications for businesses across the globe. With a new model of value creation aided by blockchain and microservices, Chisiu believes that a mature strategic and operation process for Squeezer will result in increased blockchain growth, efficiency, and sustainability.

Based on microservices, built around blockchains

Squeezer acts as a blockchain unifier, allowing any developers to connect to any existing blockchain network, including popular ones such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and test their own applications from a sandbox.

All developers can now interact seamlessly with the blockchain without taking on its infrastructure, eliminating time-consuming and difficult processes. They no longer need to worry about crashing back-ends either after downloading thousands of new blockchain transactions or even the complications of learning genesis block codes.

Because these decentralized apps (dApps) are powered by microservices, scalability is achieved automatically, with full support for automatic healing and silent cloud deployment.

The use cases for Squeezer is virtually unlimited, as global enterprises and financial services can integrate their systems with blockchain. Over 7,000 exchanges and 40 million software developers all over the world can now access a safe and secure environment for building serverless dApps.

The SQZR Token Sale

Powering all interactions on the Squeezer platform is its native digital token, the SQRZ token, which is used to pay for subscriptions or to purchase consultancies from the Squeezer team.

More than 4.4 million SQZR tokens have already been sold, with the soft cap reached within several hours of launch. There is still more than a month left to purchase SQZR with a current bonus rate of 40% still applicable.

Tokens are sold at a base rate of $0.20 per SQZR token, with a minimum purchase of 500 SQRZ tokens applicable. Interested backers can make contributions with debit or credit cards, or with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

To learn more, visit the Squeezer website and read the Squeezer whitepaper. To join community discussions, join the official Squeezer Telegram channel or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


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