Gath3r touts itself as the next generation web miner and aims to disrupt the digital monetization system by using the excess computer resources accessing websites daily to empower app developers and website owners. Browser mining is soon to become a revolutionary concept as many – as much as 2.5 billion live websites – could become potential farms for cryptocurrencies.

Conventional mining rigs are expensive and continue to show traits of centralization because of the huge power and computation resources that are required to set them up. Alternative mining option for cryptocurrencies is constantly being explored to bolster the development of blockchain enterprise.

Introducing Gath3r

The face of digital monetization is soon to take a new scape. With established technologies like that of Gath3r, web developers and application developers will have a new stream of income – no more reliance on advertisements or having to go through unscrupulous multilevel systems of the web economy. They can now directly earn cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and directly into their wallet through their web platform. All it takes is code within the web layer of the website or the application itself.

The overall objective might be to truly disrupt the web monetization and drive a new economy towards web development and application technology. With a simple integration of the Gath3r code, users are set to begin mining bitcoin based on their unused CPU and GPU computing resources.

On the other hand, publishers who have up until now no matter how hard they tried, experienced low-income generation, can finally breathe free from the disadvantages of low patronage to their website, low attention span due to the presence of ads; or can include them as supplementary income. Exposure to the platform executing the snippet of the code is exclusively based on the user’s consent.

Gath3r secondary objective for crypto-mining off browsers can help reduce the cost and even the energy requirement for mining bitcoin as compared to contemporary solutions. Browser mining, a concept that has received mixed feedback from the crypto community, as it essentially involves hijacking or intrusive mechanism of mining crypto by proxy. However, Gath3r introduces a zero intrusive mechanism by seeking user’s participation in the process.

The platform is essentially decentralized and transparent as only users present on a particular website containing the code with an opt-in subscription can lease their GPU and CPU computational power for the mining process.

Transparency and Privacy are still Invaluable Assets

One of the major concerns users express from their experience with other conventional web mining solution is the absence of opt-in/out options and an essential lack of privacy. Transparency and violation of user’s right are also hot subjects surrounding the concept. Moreover, there have been cases of hijacks, where established product’s scripts have been copied and maliciously used to the extent of infiltrating more than 1.65 million endpoints as revealed by Kaspersky Labs in 2017. The major advantage being offered by the Gath3r script is a user-inclusive transparency model in the opt-in process, just as seen with cookies popup on a visit to a website that uses them. The Gath3r software promises to be successful and not at the detriment of the user’s device and will certainly not overburden or noticeably slow down their devices.

It’s a Two-Way Street

While website owners get to earn from the computational resources of their visitors or app users, they are also able to incentivize their user base through the loyalty program offered by the platform. This reward program uses Gath3r tokens to reward users/visitors can continue to devote their computer resources while benefiting from the same.

Other future prospects aligned with the platform’s objective will include a Paywall program and an integration with a proof of stake network. These should sustain the niche created for a long period of time.

A Scalable and Robust miner

The Gath3r miner is designed to switch between different proof of work algorithms and this is automated depending on the block and price profitability. The availability of the hash power per website is also a determinant factor which can also influence the payout in either Gath3r tokens (GTH) or BTC or any other supported local currency. The miner can also adjust to user traffic and website loads.

Limited Free Trial for Early Adopters

Gath3r is offering early adopters the opportunity to join their bandwagon in revolutionizing the cryptocurrency mining industry using their non-intrusive web mining software. This offer comes with an exclusive free trial run for the first quarter without commissions.

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