GEN Token, Powering DAOstack, Listed On Liquid Exchange On 9th October

The decentralized economy and blockchain revolution have brought in a new era of economics. Starting with the advent of Bitcoin, them moving to the creation of Ethereum, it is now decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are the next big thing in the industry.

A sound concept with the potential to bring about a decentralized revolution, DAOs have been long sought after, but not much has been offered in terms of real world applications. This is largely due to the lack of a proper framework.

DAOstack: A Collective Intelligence

DAOstack is a blockchain startup that brings order in the chaotic world of DAO technology. The platform uses stacking organizational methods and workable tools to create an ecosystem of governance, cooperation and consensus to power decentralized companies, funds and markets.

Billed as the WordPress for blockchain organizations, DAOstack allows like-minded people and organizations to pool together their intelligence and work towards common, shared goals without handing over power to a centralized structure such as a board of directors or top management.

The platform already has the alpha release of its first governance stack, Alchemy, live on the Ethereum mainnet. Alchemy allows DAOs of any size to allocate voting powers to their shareholders. Now, anyone holding even a single share in a DAO powered by the platform can have his or her say in all activities of the organization. Blockchain technology makes this transparent and effective in terms of voting and the resultant decisions made.

DAOstack also employees a GEN prediction network which studies and filters out proposals that would have a low chance of being passed in voting. This aligns DAOs with the best interests of their members.

Listing on Liquid

A good token is only as effective as its ability to be acquired easily by traders. With this in mind, DAOstack has announced its GEN token listing on Liquid, a next-generation exchange. Liquid is the result of the merger of Qyinox and Qryptos, two exchanges owned by the Quione Corporation. Last year, the organization was the first global crypto exchange to be licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency. The listing of GEN allows the token to be accessible to thousands of traders and potential shareholders in DAOs running on the DAOstack platform.

The token is required by shareholders of DAOs on the platform in order to have voting rights and make proposals.

About Liquid

Owned by Quoine, the merger of Qyinox and Qryptos into one exchange offers better service and deeper trading markets to its users. The name of the platform is apt since, with increased price matching and more traders, users of the exchange have a higher liquidity ratio for cryptocurrencies. The exchange also has a higher number of trading pairs not only of crypto to crypto, but crypto to fiat as well.

The exchange has very low trading fees with free deposits and also has a lending scheme, where investors can loan their assets and earn interest from them.

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