GIN Platform, the web-based platform developed to enable the average user to setup and deploy their own masternode system, to start earning passive income without the technical and hardware costs, has publicly unveiled its latest products designed to further streamline the platform. Launched on October 26th 2018, GIN Platform is now offering the Cloud Node and Dedicated Node hosting plans for users.

The products are set to usher in new levels of accessibility with additional features to streamline and enhance the users ability to the deploy and manage the masternode systems. The products is also set to further promote and enhance blockchain security features through cheap and accessible, cloud-based masternode setup, bypassing the traditional barriers that have prevented many from setting up their own masternodes.

The launching of Cloud and Dedicated Node plans for users is in alignment with GIN Platform’s objectives to give everyone the opportunity to earn, through the creation and management of masternodes on a cheap and affordable platform. What further defines the platform from its peers is that GIN Platform’s services are available to all regardless of technical skills. The platform currently accounts for almost 1.7% of all online masternodes.

Cloud Node*
Running a masternode in any cryptocurrency demands a certain amount of the blockchain’s currency to be locked up on the network. However, some masternodes generate small incentives for operators, making it unprofitable to run a dedicated service. Cloud Node makes its possible for masternodes with smaller rewards to gain support and secure their network by sharing resources with other masternodes on the same server and IP address. This helps to reduce the hardware and maintenance costs of lesser paying masternode. The fee for this service is pegged at $4.5 per month or $0.15 daily**.
*This service is limited to certain cryptocurrencies. it is not available for DASH, PIVX, ZEN, and ANON.

Dedicated Node
Unlike the Cloud Node, this service gives each masternode its own dedicated server and resources to use. This  Premium service goes for $12.6  monthly ($0.42 per day)** .
**All prices exclude VAT.

Payment and Discount
Every user is able to choose the preferred option they wish to setup their masternodes under at any moment. This is possible through the Upgrade and Downgrade buttons on the user’s Dashboard. The Upgrade button elevates the status of the user’s account into a Dedicated Node, while the Downgrade takes it down to the Cloud Node. Users are able to toggle their masternode hosting services up or down, whenever they wish to do so. However, doing so will result in a new setup process, creating a new server for the user’s masternode and removing the old one.

All services provided by GIN Platform are only payable on a daily basis with its native token GIN. Based on volume on commitment, users would be eligible for discounts starting in November.

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