Crypto Curious Podcast, a podcast focused on all things cryptocurrency, recently hosted Hada Dbank Advisor Robby Schwertner, also known as Crypto Robby on their show. Schwertner spoke about this passion regarding blockchain technology as well as how he thinks it will change the world.

Background OF The PodCast

In the podcast, Crypto Robby spoke to James and Jeremy, the hosts over at Crypto Curious Podcast and shared how 4 years ago he stumbled over the Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto on Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Coming from a field in real estate and energy, his first impressions from reading the whitepaper was that blockchain was a chain of houses, but his curiosity won out and led him to learn more about what blockchains actually are and fell in love with the concept.

Robbys Thoughts On Blockchain

Robby describes blockchain as a technology allowing the transfer of property and value instantly and securely. So, while the first and biggest application is global transfers of money, this can also applies to energy, intellectual properties, and practically anything that can be recorded or represented through a blockchain.

Blockchain technology also made digital scarcity a thing: making things online impossible to simply copy or spend twice, a big concern with rampant piracy going on. The fact no one can spend the same amount twice ensures actual value is transferred, and it’s not just credit.

When asked regarding his opinion on how banks and blockchain will work out in the end, Robby stated that he believes it’s an even mix of both, with some banks worried about how it will affect their operations, and others already working on ways to integrate.

“Some banks are concerned about how the blockchain will impact their business, on the other side many are looking into adopting and implementing the technology within their banking platform and system. The blockchain is not going anywhere, so adapt and shift your business focus”

Blockchain To Usher In #ReturnOnSociety

Most importantly, Robby is most excited about how blockchain will usher in a #ReturnOnSociety, where the blockchain technology will allow a distribution of wealth back to people and society, especially the unbanked. Hada Dbank for example offers limited unbanked accounts, allowing the unbanked population to gain access to a bank account as well as store currency and remit funds when needed.

The interviewed ended on a high and educational note with a kind advice by Robby:

“We need to be curious to discover the chances of blockchain technology and embrace it.”

Listen to the full podcast here ->

By Linda Azmi, CMO & Co-Founder Hada DBank

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