Initial Coin Offerings have earned its place in history, thanks to the innovative technology behind ICOs – the blockchain. Ordinary people are given opportunities to contribute to and participate in the development of potentially disruptive innovation without any of the restrictions associated with traditional IPOs. However, with the increase in the number of exit scams and fraudulent activities, the once widely acclaimed benefits of these new model of crowdfunding has been tainted.  

The Bumpy Road to Crowdfunding

Earlier this year, an exit scam worth a staggering $660million rocked the crypto world, leaving behind about 32,000 swindled contributors in ruin. A recent report examining the post-TGE status of blockchain-based offerings in the past year discovered that over 800 such offerings are now “dead”. However, scams and fraudulent activities are not the only factors affecting the industry affecting this emergent industry. Other factors include marketing, competitors, exchange listing, communication, and development targets. These factors have established the need for a reliable and irrefutable rating system that will protect the interest and values of the cryptocurrency community.

Safeguarding the Values of Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding

ICO All-In is a blockchain-based platform design to accommodate the needs of the cryptocurrency community. The platform is structured to help the ever-growing community become more discerning when contributing to the funding of any blockchain-based offering.   

ICO All-In is a one-stop shop for users, providing in-depth information on companies, token sales, alongside a transparent rating system for users to fully evaluate any token offering of their choice. Utilizing a simple and user-friendly interface, the crypto rating system, ICO All-In is available for all classes of crowdfunding participants including professional investors, corporate entities, businesses, and ordinary people. The platform’s network of detailed data for crypto evaluation provides users with all the necessary information required to make informed decisions. ICO All-In has been integrated with three layers of data evaluation mechanisms. They are: Sales evaluation, Cryptocurrency rating, and Human Machine Integration.

ICO All-In works with these layers by collecting data of tokens from reviews about the token, and other channels for detailed information. Following data collection, the network delegates the data gathered to an IBM’s Watson-powered AI program for evaluation.

Post-TGE companies are not left out. They can simply log into the site and fill a form with their project information. Once the information is received, it is carefully investigated and rate by ICO All-In teams. The information is then presented for public viewing on the network’s pages. To make the ranking system accessible,  companies will be graded in alphabetical order. Starting from the letter A-U, each letter stands as a representation of either BTC/ETH competitor, unrated, or fraud.

ICO All-In offers more than just a ranking system, affording users the unique opportunity to participate in private sales, which are usually not available for the public. With ICO All-In solution, TGEs can finally earn their legitimate place in history.
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