ImmVRse has just announced their pre-sale dates, ready to take place over the following month. The blockchain-based VR platform has also recently acquired a strategic partnership with TokenGet, in support of their token sale on a safe and secure platform, as well as ensuring a satisfying experience for all their users.

ImmVRse & TokenGet

TokenGet is a unique and intuitive platform that provides a secure token sale turnkey solution provider that supplies a comprehensive set of tools to act as a crowdsale platform for blockchain businesses.

The two companies have been working in unison to launch the first phase of the pre-sale, which is set to officially commence on the 19th June 2018, and will finish on the 22nd June.

The TokenGet platform provides a great measure of valuable experience when it comes to managing crowdfunding sales, having a previous history working with multiple successful token sales in the past. These include Peculium, a blockchain based savings and management platform that raised USD $7 million, and Tokia, a crypto investment startup that raised USD $20 million.

As ImmVRse are using TokenGet and utilizing their extensive experience, this will allow ImmVRse token sale participants to partake in other currency options including BTC, ETH, USD, DASH and many more.

ImmVRse has also revealed a supplementary payment method provided by the TokenGets advanced pre-sale platform. This will allow a USD/BTC option which is aimed at opening the sale to a wider range of contributors.

The mission for ImmVRse has been to protect the community’s funds, with the aid of Entersoft and its team of ethical cyber security specialists. ImmVRse has ensured safety is covered from all angles.  

The company’s highly trained partners are continuously monitoring the core website along with their Telegram channel in order to assess potential threats.

The Really Early Show

In preparation for the launch of their pre-sale, ImmVRse recently released a YouTube series named The Really Early Show” an entertaining interview series with members of the ImmVRse team.

Users who intend to watch the show will get the benefit of being formally introduced to the core team members of ImmVRse, along with any of their thoughts on the project itself, virtual reality in general, their experience with the company thus far.

The series is now live, and can be viewed on the ImmVRse YouTube channel. The team also plan to release more content in the upcoming months. ImmVRse is also due to hold a few livestreams on YouTube and Facebook in the coming month, for supporters to ask any pressing questions that they may want to put to the team.

The ImmVRse Team

ImmVRse is a decentralised VR content sharing platform that will allow VR content creators, brands and advertisers around the world to inspire, collaborate, and produce some of the highest-quality VR content available online. ImmVRse is backed by an ensemble of experts from a range of sectors, including relevant technologies, IT Management, VR, computer security and blockchain development.

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