London Tech Week, an annual event of festivities centering around technological innovation, is slated to begin in the middle of June, 2018. It is home to the prestigious and widely known Tech XLR8 Conference and, now, is being sponsored by an up and coming blockchain startup with something to prove – ImmVRse. To be more specific, the virtual reality platform is sponsoring the Blockchain 360 event – which will be narrowing their focus on uniquely blockchain tech. This will be part of the overarching TechXLR8 conference.

London Tech Week Brings Thousands of Enthusiasts Under One Roof

The Tech-XLR8 conference is one of the most popular gatherings for all things tech. Indeed, it claimed over 13,000 visitors last year that participated in over 300 exhibitor stalls. Additionally, the conference included 800 expert speakers with a wide variety of knowledge on different subject matter.

Some subject matter discussed at the conference ranged from virtual reality, augmented reality, bots, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles to drones. This year, ImmVRse hopes to share their combined knowledge of virtual reality and blockchains and demonstrate the benefits of synthesizing the two seemingly different technologies.

Significance of TechXLR8 from ImmVRse’s Perspective

The event will act as an unparalleled marketing opportunity for the blockchain-based startup, as they will be given a chance to speak to a large and engaged audience about their platform. From ImmVRse’s point of view, Blockchain360 is basically a testing grounds of sorts to experiment with their product in front of an audience that likely includes a disproportionate amount of their target market.

The CEO of ImmVRse, Farabi Shayor, explained the significance of sponsoring Blockchain360 and what potential implications it could have for the startup. Additionally, he talked about the TechXLR8 conference itself and its relationship with the tech industries.

“I personally believe this is an amazing event to be involved with, as it brings together the converging industries under one roof. Sponsoring Blockchain 360 during London Tech Week is a chance to promote transformational technology and also opens the door to possible collaboration opportunities.”

ImmVRse hopes to be recognized as a player at the forefront of innovation, something the conference will give the startup a chance of doing by allowing it to demonstrate the benefits of combining virtual reality and blockchain. Also, why and how the two spaces have any overlap at all. Their hope is that people will get a better understanding of the platform and in what ways it brings something to new to the table and could even end up stimulating the growth of both industries moving forward. Limon Rahman, COO added,

“We are proud to play a part in the development and progression of virtual reality technologies. I do not believe we have even scratched the surface in terms of the value VR can bring to individuals and numerous industries in the business world.”

ImmVRse is backed by an ensemble of experts from a range of sectors, including  relevant technologies, IT Management, VR, computer security and blockchain development. To learn more visit the Website:

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