Decentralized Virtual Reality (VR) content publishing platform, ImmVRse, has announced a strategic partnership with innovative sharing marketplace platform, Origin Protocol. The partnership will enable ImmVRse to synergize with Origin’s engineering team for the development of its autonomous platform. By building on Origin, ImmVRse will enable content creators to easily create and manage fractional usage of assets and services, and directly exchange values and services with the global community. Users and creators will also be able to secure their unique assets and will have total control over the monetization ability of their creations, offering benefits to a largely unbanked global population.

Speaking about the partnership, Coleman Maer of Origin Protocol, stated that the company is excited to support decentralized marketplaces offering a variety of goods and services. ImmVRse’s virtual reality content marketplace is an exciting proposition for Origin Protocol. The company are looking forward to seeing the different types of marketplaces and applications that will utilize Origin Protocol technology.

A Protocol for an Exciting, New Origin

San Francisco-based Origin Protocol harnesses the power of the blockchain to create a one-of-its-kind sharing economy without intermediaries. The platform empowers businesses and developers to connect to a decentralized ecosystem where they can exchange values and redistribute the control of information to their user base.

Origin Protocol aims to build the sharing economy of tomorrow based on Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS). The decentralized app (DApp) is a consumer-focused marketplace product enabling buyers and sellers on the network to engage each other, provided the users have verified their identities when required.

Sellers will be able to list and put up their offering, set availability, and instantaneously accept payment. Buyers search and connect to services through a fully indexed list of all marketplace offering through the robust and full-featured app, code, and protocols. Origin Protocol is backed by renowned capital investment company Pantera Capital.

Redefining Visual Content Interaction and Distribution

ImmVRse is developing the world’s largest decentralised creative platform for VR content. Backed by a World-Class team and leading advisory board, the platform is an inclusive environment for content creators all over the world to showcase their talents, offer their services, and connect with brands and advertisers. Every interaction on the platform is backed by smart contracts and every transaction is settled on the blockchain.

The distributed and cryptographically secure platform encrypts sensitive user data, and index information on decentralised nodes using Interplanetary File System (IPFS) gateway developed by Origin Protocol’s open-sourced platform.

ImmVRse’s partnership with Origin Protocol not only cuts down the development circle drastically but also enables them to maximise the potentials of the blockchain’s as expounded upon.

Farabi Shayor, Co-founder and CEO of ImmVRse believes that the partnership with Origin Protocol offers numerous opportunities to integrate the company’s vision of creating a content driven platform for the VR industry. Through collaboration, ImmVRse can enter the market sooner than forecasted and we look forward to creating a longstanding mutual strategic partnership.

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