Blockchain-powered VR content platform, ImmVRse, has reiterated its goal to evolve the Virtual Reality industry through the development of a rewarding and liberating ecosystem for all stakeholders. The London-based platform is an encrypted, interconnected and decentralized VR video-sharing platform, that believes in the latent power of VR content production in a environment created to grow and reward talents.

However, delivering Ultra High Definition (UHD) media content required for immersive VR experiences is not only tasking, but also prohibitively expensive, requiring specialized hardware whose cost of ownership and operation has become a barrier to most budding creators.

ImmVRse is set to eliminate this barrier by significantly raising the rewards for content creators.

Delivering Quality First

Recently, ImmVRse, with the Imperial School of Medicine, London, conducted a research into Ultra High Definition (UHD) and low latency in VR content streaming. The eye-opening research discovered that UHD and low latency were critical to combating the often debilitating motion sickness that often accompanies VR activities. The research was also critical to informing ImmVRse’s development of a hybrid platform enabling the hosting of high-quality data built on cutting-edge infrastructure for faster processing and low latency VR stream delivery.

Well grounded in the fact that high definition and low latency are the backdrop to building  truly enjoyable and immersive environment for users. Its hybrid design and cloud platform will provide a mechanism for high-definition media content delivery, and secured both ownership and usage through the blockchain.  

By storing data and securing all exchanges on the blockchain, both content creators, brands, and advertisers can now transact without needing to establish trust first.

ImmVRse  Partnership

ImmVRse aims to be at the forefront of the VR industry development and as such, has recognized the need to establish key partnerships with like-minded businesses and organizations also looking to deliver solutions on blockchain or in support of. One such organization is IAGON, whom ImmVRse has recently minted a strategic partnership with.

IAGON is a leading provider of AI, cloud computing and storage services. The company not only empowers ImmVRse’s effort to facilitate state-of-the-art storage capabilities for VR content, but has also endowed the development of the project with the highly-skilled expertise of IAGON’s Director of Oracle (EMEA and APAC), Ani Fox Bochenkov. Ani joins ImmVRse board as one of its advisors, enabling the development team to tap into his vast knowledge of  computing, data compliance, and security.

Ani Fox Bochenkov comment:

“ImmVRse represents a prime example of how modern technologies can be utilized within a digital cloud infrastructure. I look forward to working closely with the team to make this a market leading content platform for the future ”

Taking the lead in global VR content sharing in the next decade is the vision informing ImmVRse’s development and the platform welcomes anybody wishing to share in that future by getting whitelisted in its upcoming Pre-Sale.

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