The demand for high-quality VR content is skyrocketing, with an array of industries using this new technology, which is only still in its infancy. The technology has a multifaceted capability and is just starting to be recognized by multiple sectors as a powerful marketing tool. Although VR is still considered to be in the early stages of development, its unique efficacy is already being deployed by progressive companies that recognize its future potential. ImmVRse provides a social platform for users to critique and applaud each others VR productions, creating a space to refine and develop skills in this new medium.

Growth in the VR Market

Published in February 2018, Transparency Market Research (TMR) forecast substantial growth in the international market for VR content for the upcoming years. The report predicts a 278-fold increase in the market value of VR between 2015 and the end of 2024, increasing from just US$147.5 million to a staggering US$41.01 billion.

ImmVRse’s Platform

Seeing an opportunity to create a community-driven platform much like youtube, ImmVRse works in a similar way that allows users to determine the value of the published content. As the website allows for users to both critique content creators as well as encourage, ImmVRse’s platform is an aid to the development of high-quality VR content that there is a growing appeal for. The platform also encourages social networking, with users able to find partners to collaborate with to produce the most innovative VR content.

Content creators using ImmVRse will be classified into tiers, according to their experience and accolades achieved throughout their time on the platform. The higher the tier, the more corresponding attention will be drawn from viewers. The most effective creators will also experience attention from brands and advertisers, with the potential for increasingly lucrative deals and opportunities. Each tier maintains different requirements for entry. To progress through the tiers, creators must achieve either monthly creator’s awards or endorsement badges.

ImmVRse uses smart contracts to trigger the monthly awards system and viewers will be able to vote for their favorite videos under multiple categories to influence the results. Winners of these monthly awards will receive a generous share of ImmVRse tokens, alongside their tier advancement.

Endorsement badges allow brands and companies the chance to recognize creators for the successful completion of business-related projects. Creators automatically receive an endorsement badge from a company upon the approval of a submitted project and receipt of cleared funds. To ensure objectivity, the level of complexity and difficulty is considered when rewards are issued.

The creator tier system benefits both the creator as well as potential employers visiting the site. It offers a comprehensive measure of experience and quality of work, rewarding the creators that put significant effort into their content with maximum recognition and the option to increase their minimum costs of service. Creators with a higher tier position are more accessible to the employers that offer better business opportunities, in addition to receiving a payout for every tier reached.

This ranking tier system is designed to motivate and incentivize creators to strive to create the most original, innovative and creative content possible. At the highest tier creators are awarded diamond tier creator status. Those with this status will be recognized as one of the most elite creators on the platform, the ultimate goal for those using the website.

The ImmVRse Team

ImmVRse is backed by a diverse range of experts from varying sectors, including relevant technologies, IT Management, VR, computer security and blockchain development. The team is headed by Farabi Shayor, the CEO. Farabi has over 10 years experience in developing market deliverables, brand identities and financial analysis focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Alongside him works the COO & Co-Founder, Limon Rahman. Limon is an entrepreneur with previous experience in businesses development across multiple fields. Additionally, he holds 15 years of experience in financial control and management, including overseeing budgets of over $300m.

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