Virtual Reality, (or VR) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the video based sector. Every major tech company is working on the development of it. This includes the biggest names such as Alphabet’s Google, Apple Inc. and the social media giant, Facebook. Even world-renowned universities such as MIT and Oxford have serious investments in the research and promotion of the technology.

With so many companies and firms taking part in VR, either by offering products, development, investment or plain support, it would be easier to make a list of organizations that are NOT a part of the sector, rather than those that are.

ImmVRse’s List

ImmVRse is a blockchain platform that is all about VR and the practical application of the technology. The platform is actively pursuing the use of VR and integrating it into daily lives of its users. As such, the company has recently compiled a list of industries and sectors where the virtual reality can be used to enhance the working experience:

  • Videos: One of the first things that come to mind with the words VR is videos. From short clips to the movie Ready Player One available in VR, the movie industry is set to launch more titles in VR.
  • Gaming: Perhaps the biggest adopter of VR, the gaming industry is actively releasing hardware and software for games.
  • Education: The ability to create a whole classroom within the confines of a room for a child means that the younglings need not walk or travel far to get a quality education.
  • Tourism: Now with VR, tourists can view and get a feel of a place they want to visit, giving them the exact feel and atmosphere of the location, allowing a better judgment of vacation point selection.
  • Medical: Research has shown that VR is very helpful in the rehabilitation of not only people with brain damage but also in countering the psychological effects of phobias such as vertigo.
  • Real Estate: What better way to check out a property from the comfort of a home or office? Real estate business has a lot to gain from VR application.
  • Manufacturing: VR allows manufacturers to view their finished products and designs in order to assess the potential outcome of their works.
  • Journalism: Not the first thing that comes to mind when combined with VR, The Guardian’s experiment of letting users experience the windowless solitary confinement prison. The experiment was a success, showcasing how VR can be used for Journalism to make viewers feel, rather than just read about news.
  • Meditation: Meditation is all about creating a peaceful and calm environment, getting in touch with one’s inner self. VR can create anything from a mountain-top to a Japanese rock garden for serenity purposes.

ImmVRse, as a blockchain platform, provides VR services for all kinds of industries and is collaborating with the best and brightest minds all over the world to promote the application of the technology to improve the lives of millions.

The core team comprises of experts from different industries, such as IT, marketing, financial management and others, creating a cohesive group that is leading the VR revolution.

For more information on the virtual reality platform, visit their website.

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