Patron, a Japanese-based blockchain platform for influencer marketing, has successfully launched its public TGE after raising $15,000,000 in private and presale rounds. The public token sale will run from March 27th until April 26, incentivizing early birds with a 35% bonus.

TGE Details

Participants can contribute to the token sale using ETH, BTC, LTC, ERTC, and BCH. 240 million PAT is being sold through the ICO process while the remaining 160 million will be allocated to PATRON and will be strategically used for distribution to board members, advisors, and long-term development.

Since the public sale, the influencer marketing platform has carried the momentum with a global road trip raising awareness, as well as several major announcements to the platform.

Major Announcements From Patron

While Patron was making stops in the United States and Dubai to raise an international community of brands, influencers, and supporters, they were also rapidly acquiring exchange commitments, partners, as well as strategic investors. The PAT token will be listed on Kucoin and HitBTC for example, two top exchanges in their regions.

Patron will explore Hashgraph, a next-gen distributed public ledger that could increase speed and security of every transaction on the platform.

Patron Recruits Strategic People

Patrons advisory board has grown by one, now including Shintaro Akita, CEO of Global Energy Holdings and a serial entrepreneur in Japan. He is joined by the likes of David Allen Cohen, Hashgraph advisor, and Keith Teare, the Co-founder of TechCrunch.

On the legal side of things, Richard Levin, a top 10 ranked securities lawyer, and shareholder of Polsinelli, has been retained and will be spearheading all US legal efforts regarding the token sale and daily business operation.

Lastly, Patron is closing to securing a premier media sponsorship that will be shared digitally in the United States through a national television broadcast. The program will talk about the blockchain space, but also promote Patron.

Patron’s CEO and Founder, Atsushi Hisatsumi, describes the project’s progress as “extraordinary” over the past few weeks. Atsushi stated that company are very excited at the progress both internal and external over the past few weeks. Since raising $15 million, the company have developed many key partnerships, new hires, and have had conversations with global leaders in business and entertainment.

About Patron

Patron is a global blockchain project looking to capitalize on the global influencer marketing industry. Built by local influencers in Japan, the Patron platform will offer a clean and transparent solution to both finding and booking influencer talent around the world. The platform will include both a web and mobile application, with the web app being released as soon as Q1 2018. Currently, Patron is running a global token event to attract crowdfunding support.

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