With only days remaining on its public token sale that ends on May 26th, 2018 at 4pm CET, DataBroker DAO has released new details on ongoing discussions with how its blockchain-based platform can enhance IoT sensor data to spur social and economic developments on so-called ‘Smart Islands’.

These talks have happened at the two-day Smart Island World Congress, which saw international experts convene to discuss the challenges facing island nations and to explore viable solutions for them. Island representatives from the likes of Aruba and Barbados were especially interested to learn how the DataBroker DAO platform could assist them in managing the specific challenges of waste management and a dearth of sensor data.

Pole position in the IoT market

With the Internet of Things (IoT) set to boom by 2019 with sensor data estimated to be worth a breathtaking $1.2 trillion, DataBroker DAO seeks to leverage this market by focusing on unlocking the majority of IoT sensor data kept with sensor owners. About $120 billion of ‘sought for others’ data is thought to be locked away after generation.

Beyond simply unlocking this value, DataBroker DAO will also improve the quality of data, allowing data monetization at consent of public and private entities.

Blockchain solution architect at DataBroker DAO, Tom de Block, believes that this platform’s solution can empower island societies with new technological, social and economic access. He felt that these environments were the perfect testing field since they were stand alone competencies when compared to regional and urban cities:

That is one of the reasons why we will gladly work together with all interested islands to deploy white labeled front ends of the DataBroker DAO marketplace.”

Quality above quantity

While the amount of data available is vast, the DataBroker platform places highest priority on the quality, based on the overwhelming community feedback from token holders and potential users.

Its platform upgrade addresses this through a “token curated registry” that asks users to stake native DTX tokens against any data sold on the platform – putting money where their words are.

Additionally, its Alpha V2.0 upgrade – termed the discovery release – will bear a new sensor range located in Belgium. These are designed to interface with users, allowing them to search or browse data built on the token curated registry. Apart from that, DataBroker’s newly created decentalized application (Dapp) will facilitate discoveries of new and interesting data sets, as detailed in this explainer video.

This access to IoT sensor data will benefit any range of data users, from individuals and governments, to companies and researchers.

DataBroker DAO’s DTX Token Sale

Only days remain in the month-long public sale of DataBroker DAO’s native DTX token. Until May 26th, 2018 at 4pm CET, users can purchase tokens at a base rate of 1 ETH = 4,000 DTX.

Tokens will be available for trading on the open market from May 30th, 2018 via the CoinFalcon cryptocurrency exchange.

To learn more about DataBroker DAO, visit the website and check out their whitepaper. Chat with the team and community on Telegram, or join the discussions on BitcoinTalk, Twitter, Facebook and SubReddit.
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