Internet of Things (IoT) data marketplace platform DataBroker DAO has released the official times and places for its China roadshow that takes place from June 12th to June 20th, 2018, while confirming the token sale end has been extended to June 30th, 2018, in consideration of the Chinese prospects.

Roadshow in China: accessing the potential

The appearance of DataBroker DAO in China is no coincidence – China is the largest global market for IoT sensor data and hardware, taking over a fifth of the global market share in these terms. The projected growth for IoT in China is expected to outperform GDP, with 20% to 30% growth predicted by 2020, ensuring China is firmly in Number 1 in terms of market share.

Already worth half a trillion yuan (USD 80 billion), the Chinese market is growing at a tremendous rate – the timing of the China roadshow and the opportunity to onboard more investment has been considered and this has played its role in extending the token sale to the remainder of June. DataBroker DAO has set for itself a sales target of 108 million DTX tokens as part of its objectives during the China roadshow.

With this, the DTX token listing on the CoinFalcon exchange will also be postponed to after the token sale concludes, while the team simultaneously pursues listing opportunities on Chinese exchanges.

The project now confirms the roadshow appearances in China, and provides the details as below, including for further appearances at the Rise Conference in Hong Kong and SIBOS, Sydney:

CHINA ROADSHOW, June 12th to 20th, 2018:

Shanghai 上海 Tuesday, June 12th and Wednesday, June 13th

Hangzhou 杭 Thursday, June 14th

Guangzhou 广州 Friday, June 15th

Shenzhen 深圳 Saturday, June 16th and Sunday, June 17th

Beijing 北京 Monday, June 18th and Thursday, June 22th


Hong Kong, July 9th to 13th, 2018


Sydney, October 22nd to 25th, 2018

In addition, private meetings with DataBrokerDAO CEO and Co-Founder Matthew Van Niekerk can also be arranged. Parties can register their interest by emailing at [email protected]

Announcing DataBroker DAO’s newest partner, Aerodyne

DataBroker DAO’s growing alliance also welcomes drone-based management solutions firm Aerodyne.

Aerodyne leases 35,000 flight operations and inspected more than 100,000 infrastructure assets in 2017 with their Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) model, amassing $80 billion in construction projects’ gross development value.

The applications for its DaaS model are virtually limitless, ranging from mining and environmental management to precision agriculture and construction site inspection. Aerodyne drones are immediately deployed without the need for setting up, investment, training or maintenance, for security and surveillance or emergency response.

Aerodyne drones will not become obsolete, making it a cost effective solution when combined with DataBroker DAO’s marketplace, allowing solution users to sell drone-collected data to anyone wishing to access sensor data, photos, videos and other data.

DTX Token Sale and Distribution

While the token sale extension has in part been due to the considerations of leveraging Chinese prospects, it has also been a result of taking into account community feedback and discussions regarding the decision with unpurchased DTX tokens.

The decision has now been made to optimize the DTX supply by increasing community distribution. As such, all existing DTX purchasers, as well as future purchasers, will now enjoy double the rate of DTX purchased for the remainder of the token sale. The base rate of 1 ETH = 4,000 DTX has now been doubled to 1 ETH = 8,000 DTX.

To find out more, visit the DataBroker DAO website or read the DataBroker DAO whitepaper. To interact with the growing community, follow the DataBroker DAO Twitter or DataBroker DAO Facebook or DataBroker DAO thread on BitcoinTalk. Chat with other supporters in real time on the official DataBroker DAO Telegram channel.

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