The IPSX token event came to a close on 5 March, hitting its target during the event. Whitelisted participants have been able to buy IPSX Tokens, starting at the price of 0.0000141 ETH. With just under 50% of IPSX Tokens were sold for 9,500 ETH, this raised circa 8,000,000 USD. The result established a promising trajectory of the project.

IPSX has just announced the launch of a demo version of their MVP for sharing IP addresses. IPSX is the first fully decentralized IP Sharing platform, the platform was founded on blockchain capabilities and its goal is to meet the high market need for IP addresses for both users and organizations.

How Does it Work

The IPSX platform will primarily create a secure IP address sharing marketplace. This will be a fully decentralized and transparent marketplace, enabling entrepreneurs and developers to use IPSX embedded tools such as SDK’s and API’s in order to develop custom applications that require a large number of IP addresses. These functionalities result in IPSX playing a major role in the next phase of the internet.

If looked at from a business 2 business (B2B) point of view, IPSX addresses mainly Data Centers, Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers and any kind of platform that relies on Data Acquisition. IPSX combines the flexible and easy to integrate tools such as SDK’s and API’s into its platform. IPSX has a high privacy demand and an extensive level of security. This allows IPSX to enable VPN, and Data-centers to exchange IP addresses

As it stands, VPN providers encounter some problems such as; a stringent limit on the number of IP addresses, uneven geo-distribution of IP addresses, which may result in IP crowding, this lack of UP time usage options. Most VPN won’t provides the option to pay for as much as an IP being used, this leaves clients unable to provide feedback for the IP. This results in poor quality service. IPSX was designed to solve these problems.

A Scalable VPN

The IPSX platform has been built to enable the user to have access to the quality VPN services. This will meet the high demand for IP address usage from various locations across the globe. The platform, in turn, gives the user an option to pay for the IP usage time, thus if a user needs a remote IP for a short amount of time he will not have to pay for an entire subscription, but only for the time provided.

This fixes the lack of IP availability that both users and VPN providers encounter.

The IPSX platform plays host to all transactions that will take place on the network, these are permanently registered in the blockchain, thus offering full transparency and high levels of security. Keeping a transparent ledger that will constantly be updated with the IP’s and the purpose of their use. IPSX will partner with VPN vendors around the world to help them reach as many clients as they can.

A marketplace that sets an overall standard of IP address providers and VPN providers in the same place, establishing a well and truly contractual agreement between the two parties. Additionally, IPSX having an internal economy and being an ecosystem, IPSX will enable Data centers to share a full range of unused IP’s in order to win real-time FIAT exchangeable IPSX tokens in a safe way.

IPSX addresses this specific need of the Data Mining industry and offers businesses the ability to rent large volumes of IP Addresses and plenty of usage options, such as:

  • IP addresses from different geolocation;
  • Different IP address classes/host names;
  • IP addresses with a specific speed;
  • Different usage time for IP addresses (from 5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year);
  • Accessing IP addresses via different protocols (Socks, Http);
  • Competitive pricing on IP address sharing based on all the above filters;
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