There are a ton of cryptocurrencies in the market right now. Website lists more than 1600 at the moment. With all these numerous digital monies being traded, platforms that specialize in exchange of the said cryptocurrencies are needed.

Like their traditional counterparts, these digital currencies have forex platforms that deal in trade, exchange, buying and selling of them. Global Digital Asset Exchanges (GDAXs) or commonly called crypto exchanges, are what every crypto traders needs.

Paybis, The UK Connection

Paybis is a UK based crypto exchange that has been operating since 2014. The platform allows anyone from around the world to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies and digital money in a quick and a hassle free manner. The platform offers slick interface for easier use and access and extremely low fees. With a wide range of crypto assets to trade in it offers services that are professional and fast.

With advanced completion of KYC procedure, higher level users are granted $20,000 per transaction limit and a $50,000 per month limit, the highest of any exchange at the moment. With that, a 2 hour maximum time consumption for approval requests (but in reality, roughly 15 minutes), the exchange is one of the fastest in user approval in the world.

Discounts, Referrals and Revenue Sharing

Paybis’ core user experience is all about offering services that other cryptocurrency exchanges do not. The latest offering on the table is a discount that increases with an increase in purchase of digital tokens. Users can lay claim to up to 50% discount on the platform fee when transacting with a debit or a credit card. The offer applies on BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP and ETH coins bought with credit or debit cards only.

Another user attractive feature is the referral program, where a user is awarded anywhere from 10% to 20% of profit made by the platform off each transaction made by the referred user. Users also have the option of buying Amazon gift cards directly from the platform

Other Advantages of Paybis

The exchange platform is designed with users in mind and as such, the platform offers other various services that leave other exchanges behind in the dust.

There is a live 24/7 customer support service, that, unlike other platforms’ service, is always available and responds in a timely fashion to all queries and issues. Apart from regular support services, the platform boasts friendly agents that walkthrough new users on how to sign up, get verified and create wallets. The rating of the platform on the website TrustPilot has an average rating of Excellent.

The platform also offers a mastercard enabled card that users can use to withdraw any digital asset or cryptocurrency from the exchange with ease. With its latest move on changing banking partners, the platform has further reduced its SEPA bank fee.

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