Hada DBank is the world’s first Blockchain based Islamic Bank that is specifically designed to cater the needs of Muslims in the banking and financial world

Why Islamic Bank?

Faith plays a major role in many people’s lives and sometimes the set rules can clash with the daily routine of things. In Islam, there is a fundamental rule of interest and treating money as a commodity being forbidden. The Islamic principles of investment and loans also work on a rule of profit and loss sharing.

These rules are in conflict with the current banking systems. When it comes to banking, Muslims either avoid it or are forced to use banks that are not aligned with their faith. The team behind that Malaysian startup realized a huge gap in the banking sector and have devised a Blockchain powered Islamic banking system to cater for this huge market.

Token Event After Event

Hada DBank’s solution has been widely praised and this is none more evident from its recent initial token distribution event, which saw investment of nearly $3,000,000 with 113,000,000 HADAcoins being grabbed. After a popular demand, the event was extended for two weeks and the soft cap was easily achieved by 15th March.

The banking platform is now preparing for its main token generation event, which is set to start on 1st of May. The event is parted into several stages, with each stage having different token values for backers. The first stage will last a month and end on 31st May. The rate of HADAcoins will be announced a few days before the event’s start.

The bank accepts and supports multiple fiat and cryptos, but it users who will use its own HADAcoin for transactions and investment will be given discounted rates. The coin is based on the Ethereum’s architecture and is ERC20 standard compliant, making it extremely safe and secure to use.

The platform will also be releasing its first MVP before commencement of the event.

What Makes Hada DBank So Great?

Hada DBank, as a decentralized Islamic bank, is aiming to revolutionize the banking sector by infusing Sharia compliant banking services with Blockchain, offering great services with lightning fast and cheaper alternatives to traditional banking.

The bank offers:

  • Free e-wallets and banking accounts.
  • Fiat and major cryptocurrency services.
  • Debit cards (plastic and e-cards)
  • Full fledged crypto exchange.
  • Interest free loans and advances.
  • AI financial advisory services.
  • One third money in banks backed by actual assets such as gold, diamonds and other precious metals.

Other Achievements

The Islamic bank is making news around the world and a number of important deals have been struck. Hada DBank made an agreement last February with digital exchange F1 Cryptos to list its token.

David Drake, a venture capitalist has also joined the team as an advisor recently and DE Asset Management, another investment firm has made a deal of $500,000 to be invested in the Blockchain bank.

For more information on the decentralized Islamic Bank, visit their website: https://www.hada-dbank.com/

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