Truegame’s highly original, new iGaming concepts and a unique smart contract-enabled platform offers a fresh innovative twist to gaming. To support this development Truegame launched its ICO with a presale beginning March 5th, 2018 prior to the ICO sale on April 16th, 2018.

Professionals on the project’s team include experts from blockchain to gaming, including Mate Tokay, COO of Matt Tokay has been a noticeable and proactive proponent of both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in the past, his passion is to further develop the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Upon graduating from the International Business School in Budapest in 2012 Mate came across Bitcoin, becoming an active miner the following year using custom-built ASIC miners. Mate then founded the Bitcoin news and review website He’s been working on further developing since 2015.

Mate Tokay is really excited about TrueGame as he feels that they are committed to improving transparency as their new blockchain technology eliminates risks of subscribers and users being cheated or manipulated.

More about Truegame

Truegame is a blockchain and smart contract based iGaming platform. One of its significant advantages is that the Truegame platform allows for a trustworthy open registry that displays the outcome of every game; these cannot be manipulated. As the combinations generated from the blockchain cannot be manipulated the winning conditions are completely dictated by both luck and mathematical probability.

Truegame states that their commitment is to users trust of the platform. They maintain that the blockchain network is responsible for distributing winnings under its set rules and guidelines and an innovative use of smart contract technology.

The Token Sale Soft cap raised in five days Small hard cap is nine million USD Truegame claims to be the most highly evaluated project among experts (rating 4.8). Fifty-nine experts have evaluated the project and the community on Telegram exceeds nine thousand members.

Truegame say that their concepts are very much in keeping with those of Mate Tokay’s personal philosophy and ideology. Although committed to the development and creation of games through his own platform, Truegame claim that Mate Tokay views Trugame as a promising addition to gaming platforms. Mate Tokay will be on board as in an advisory capacity whilst supporting Truegame with PR and media promotion.

The Games

As the first ICO with a fully working iGaming project Truegame has received positive feedback from the professional community. Truegame offers more than a dozen different games to users including scratch cards, prize draws, lotteries and gift boxes. Truegame says that they have already closed a private round of investments, and even had to refuse one of the funds in full redemption of the project.

A few facts about the global online gambling market

The global online gambling market is estimated to reach USD 81.71 billion by the year 2022 and is currently valued at USD 44.16 million. The forecast is very much towards further rapid growth and is considered to be one of the most profitable online businesses.

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