Midas has taken yet another promising step in its quest to open investment and fund management for everybody, by bringing two industry leaders onboard its advisory council. Mona El Isa and Reto Trinkler, co-founders of Technology Regulated Investment Fund firm, Melonport, have joined Midas’ advisory board bringing a wealth of technical know-how and industry expertise to the development of a seamless ecosystem for digital asset investments.

Renowned for its development of a decentralized fund management tool, Switzerland domiciled Melonport is the developer of a first of its kind autonomous systems.

This system has specifically been designed for the management of crypto assets as both frontend (over IPFS) and backend (Ethereum smart contracts) interfaces hosted and executed on decentralised platforms.

Mona El Isa and Reto Trinkler founded the company in July, 2016 through a crowdfunding event that raised CHF 2.5 million in under 10 minutes, and went on to be selected as members of Forbes “30 Under 30”. Their new role with Midas will see them take up places next to Thomas Linder of leading blockchain law firm MME in supporting the development of the platform. They will also receive an annually rotating company director seat.

Reto Trinkler explained:

“Ease of use is one of the most overlooked aspects in the design of blockchain applications and it’s what Midas is focused on with the Midas Touch. I’m very happy to be part of this collaborative effort to reengineer one of the biggest industries of modern day society – Asset Management.”

Expressing his delight at having the backing of the two founders, Adrian Gallo, CEO of  Midas Technologies AG, stated:

“We are more than happy to welcome two of the most professional and experienced individuals in crypto to our board. Reto’s assistance in development questions will ensure the optimal integration of Midas with the Melon protocol. With Mona’s extensive expertise in financial industries and her wide network among industry leaders as well as regulators we gain strong support in making Midas an outstanding product.”  

Midas Pre-sale and Beta

Midas Technologies AG will be announcing the dates of its upcoming crowdsale to further the development of the platform, and has already started the whitelisting process for its pre-sale. The company has also launched signups for its beta platform alongside a community airdrop event. Registered testers will be carried along in the development of the beta launch to ensure optimal delivery of app functions in line with user requirements and needs.

About Midas

Up until now, investing in digital assets had been more or less the purview of a select few. Midas is now giving access to every user to invest in digital assets and easily buy crypto assets from other users’ portfolios though its Midas Touch protocol. Midas Touch functions like a “like” button for investors, simplifying crypto asset investment for users. The app’s fun approach to digital asset investments enables users to team up, compete and work their way up to the top. Besides cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets, the platform focuses on alternative retail assets like crypto-collectibles and prediction markets.

Website: https://midas.social

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