Just as trade deals conducted using fiat currency require security and trust to conclude, the same is true for cryptocurrency-based trading. In addition, cryptocurrency assets are growing in volume and require effective management. Russian blockchain platform Membrana is hoping to capitalise on this and bring investors and traders together to do deals via mutually-beneficial contracts. These contracts have been specifically created to allow for the trust management of crypto assets. The platform’s token sale was announced in Saint Petersburg this week.

What Does Membrana Have to Offer?

Company publicity material states that Membrana provides investors and traders with a transparent, decentralized and secure system, which controls the process of concluding and executing a contract up to the point of revenue gained by both parties. Breaking this down further, Membrana boasts four key features:

  1. Secure Transfer of Funds in Trust Management

An API key provided by an investor’s exchange account allows the account to be transferred to a trader in trust management. This key is stored on the Membrana platform and not transferred to the trader. In addition, investor funds are held on an exchange account and do not get transferred to the trader.

  1. Investor-Trader Contract

According to Membrana, the platform makes use of An Ethereum Smart Contract to conclude transactions between investors and traders.

  1. Blockchain-based Confirmation of Trader’s Profitability

Membrana’s database stores all contracts, with the information used to provide an accurate assessment of traders’ success and potential profitability. This is done via indicators, for example ROI etc.

  1. Distribution of Investor’s Assets to Multiple Independent Traders

Membrana offers the investor the option to transfer just a portion of their funds in the exchange account to the trader, as stipulated in the contract. The investor retains full control over the remaining funds which can be used for independent trading, transferred to another trader or withdrawn from an exchange account. When the contract concludes, the investor decides the amount to be transferred from trust management.

Membrana Token Sale Details

Membrana’s Presale began on December 10th at 6pm (GMT 00:00) and is set to offer bonuses of as much as 70% to early contributors, dropping to 25% in weeks 7 and 8. According to the team, the total token supply is 1,000,000,000 MBN (Membrana tokens) and 137,5000,000 MBN of these tokens will be made available in the presale.

Membrana – Moving Forward

Given the increasing levels of cryptocurrency assets accumulating around the globe, it stands to reason that these assets require trust management systems, and that demand for such systems is increasing.  Membrana aim to provide this and more, in a secure and trustworthy environment for investors and traders alike. If the platform manages to live up to expectations, Membrana could well become a market leader in this new field.

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