Midas Protocol, the leading universal wallet for cryptocurrencies, continues to break new grounds in its bid to develop a robust and all all-encompassing ecosystem for digital assets ownership. The company’s latest development is set to seamlessly improve the access of users to liquidity through a strategic partnership with both Kyber and IDEX exchange.

Open Sesame

With the emergence of digital assets as an exciting, new asset class, there is a growing need for wallets to safely store, send, and spend. Unfortunately for most, such an ecosystem has remained elusive, leaving them to jury-rig their own solution out of the scant resources and putting their assets at risk. The disparity of these solutions has not only significantly increased the learning curve for those just getting into cryptocurrency, it has also proven to be a stumbling block for cryptocurrency mass adoption.

Recognizing the need for an inclusive ecosystem where users can store, transact, and access liquidity for their digital assets, the team behind Midas Protocol has developed an innovative wallet for daily crypto usage. Available for iOS & Android devices, Midas Protocol is a multi-asset wallet supporting multiple blockchains including BTC, ETH, USDT, NEO, TUSD, TVND, TOMO, ZCOIN, MAS, DIVI, and token support for ERC-20s, NEP5, and TRC-20 tokens.

One-Stop Solution

Midas Protocol is being developed with the aim of becoming the gateway to digital asset ownership, allowing users to trade, transact, and manage their portfolios from a simple and intuitive interface inside a frictionless app. With the app, users can safely send funds to contacts from anywhere in the world, store a myriad of top cryptocurrencies, securely execute trade on decentralized exchanges without broadcasting private keys and trade on centralized exchanges without API integration, connect and spend cryptocurrencies on any e-commerce platform accepting cryptos, and get the latest crypto news update.  

Users will also be able to monitor and manage their portfolio, access historical data for their assets and transactions, subscribe to successful traders and copy their strategies, get trade notifications, and be rewarded for high-performance ROI portfolios.

Strong Partnerships

Through its partnership with Kyber Network and IDEX, Midas Protocol is bringing cryptocurrency liquidity to fingertips with access to over 500 tokens. The platform’s integration with Vinex Network further opens up liquidity access through API.

For security purposes, all data files containing the private keys to the user’s asset are encrypted through user-generated passwords, keeping their data and privacy secure on their device. To further boost its security features, Midas Protocol partnered with Sentinel Protocol to integrate the wallet into Sentinel Protocol’s Interactive Cooperation Framework (ICF) API and Threat Reputation Database (TRDB). This integration will enable Midas to access one of the world’s leading Security Intelligence Whitelists and Blacklists containing confirmed IOC’s of phishing, hacks, scams, and malware threats.

Building for Tomorrow

Midas Protocol has recently joined the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) to accelerate development and adoption of blockchain technology by making it easy to send and receive digital assets. Its FIO membership is a critical step towards delivering on the range of developments with various partners for its ecosystem. These include:

  • TrueVND: A stablecoin for the Vietnamese market (http://www.truevnd.com). The coin is currently listed on Vinex.Network, IDEX, Tokenomy and peer-2-peer TVND exchange (http://www.tvnd.market)
  • TomoDice and McashDice dApp gaming platforms accessible from Midas dApp browser.
  • TomoBowl: A social gaming arena pitting players directly against each other or as a team. The dApp will soon be integrated into Midas wallet.
  • Tomovatar (integrated in Tomobowl): A set of non-fungible, cross-app avatars that can be used in Tomobowl, Tomodice, Tomodome, and Mcashdice. These avatars are tradable on Tomobowl marketplace.
  • TomoDome – A commemorative hall of fame for invaluable contributors and supporters of Tomochain. The dome can also be used by  Tomochain partners to showcase their branding to a unified audience.
  • Midashimaya – Amazon on the Blockchain! A decentralized, online department store for shop owners to accept cryptocurrency payments for their product through Midas wallet.
  • NewCater – A decentralized auction platform moderated by smart contracts.
  • CoinUp24 – A curated blockchain news outlet for Midas wallet users.
  • B.E.S.T Center – A training, engineering training and headhunting hub for blockchain talents located in Hanoi, Vietnam..

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