The blockchain platform ushering in a new era for stable cryptocurrency, MinexSystems, has announced ongoing pre-order for its crypto payment card,  MinexPay debit card. The crypto debit card is set to facilitate real-world use of cryptocurrency, enabling the public to utilise their crypto assets in real-time services or purchases.

MinexSystems is the leading developer behind two of the most forward-thinking crypto products; Minexcoin and MinexBank. Both offering full fledged services in Minex marketplace, protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers against  volatility in the marketplace. With MinexPay debit card, the  blockchain company is delivering the world’s first stablecoin ecosystem solution for a secure and hassle-free approach in daily usage of crypto assets. MinexPay debit card can be used in any of the 200 countries accepting Visa card, including any Visa accepting ATMs for cash withdrawals.

The thriving market of cryptocurrencies is delivering solutions for bridging real time and virtual assets. However not many cryptocurrency exchanges back their users with debit cards to ensure the ease of payment and utility of crypto assets in real time.

However, there is an increasing need to connect both crypto and mainstream world. Bridging them on a even level to enable crypto and mainstream users enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency and stability whenever they use both channels.  MinexPay Crypto debit card has been designed as a one-stop cryptocurrency solution for everyday use. The card’s use ranges from simple points of sales services to supermarkets, online and offline merchant services from anywhere in the world.  

A Debit card with Exclusive Features

MinexPay debit card will be purchasable on the 30th of June. The debit card has been spruced up with a raft of unique features for convenience, speed, and low fees. The card is backed by a high liquidity pool, funds reserves, and comes in four exclusive packs; STANDARD, GOLD, PLATINUM, and INFINITE.

Minexcoin Standard debit card

Minexcoin Standard debit card will cost 2 Minexcoin utility token, MNX. This card does not require any balance and has a maximum withdrawal limit of $2000 monthly and $200 daily. Each withdrawal attracts a 2% fee for Minexcoin native token and 4% for others. The card also features 0% renewal fees for MNX, a 1% Point of sale terminal fees for MNX and 2% for other cryptos, and 80% overdraft limit.

Minexcoin Gold debit card  

To own a Minexcoin Gold debit card, 50 MNX balance is required and its cost is pegged at 5 MNX. Gold debit card limits is $1000 daily and $5000 monthly. Unlike the standard debit card  there is a lower fee for ATM withdrawals: 1% for MNX, 2% for others. The card also comes with a 90% overdraft limit and zero fees for renewal.

Minexcoin Platinum debit card  

Minexcoin platinum debit card cost 10 MNX, and requires a starting  balance of 200 MNX. This card allows $5000 daily withdrawal and $100000 monthly, with 0.5% ATM fee for MNX and 2% for others. 0% renewal fees for MNX, 95% overdraft limit, 0% Point of sale terminals for MNX, 1% for other cryptos and a 0.5% cashback.

Minexcoin Infinite debit card

Infinite cards have 1% cashback in addition to almost zero fees for withdrawals. 1% fee for withdrawing other crypto, 0% for MNX withdrawal, 0% Point of sale terminals for MNX, 0% for other cryptos and 0% for renewal. Infinite debit card cost 100 MNX and a balance of 1000 MNX is required. Daily withdrawal capacity is limited to $20000, $600000 for monthly and a 98% overdraft limit.


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