Miracle Tele, a Czech Republic-based mobile network company, has announced the launch of the token sale for its blockchain solution focused on reshaping the telecom industry and empowering users. The token sale for Miracle Tele, which is set to marry two of the most exciting tech industries, telecommunications and the blockchain, offers the opportunity to participate in the development of a rewarding and inclusive ecosystem for telecom users.

Miracle Tele’s ecosystem goes beyond mobile network and communication services. The company will issue a multi-currency crypto wallet supporting its TELE utility tokens. The service will also support ERC20 tokens and prepaid crypto debit cards so that users can physically spend their tokens at merchant services, either online or off.

A Miracle on the Blockchain

Mobile device ownership continues to grow rapidly with forecasts predicting ownership to reach 5 billion by 2019. In 2016, an estimated 62.9 percent of the world’s population owned a mobile device. This explosive growth has turned mobile services into a multi-billion dollar industry. Yet it is still rife with stiff competition and a reputation for overpricing services and under-delivering due to the cost of operating, maintaining, and repairing physical infrastructure.

Miracle Tele is unfettered by such operational shackles. Being a virtual network provider relying on blockchain technology to deliver cheap mobile services, Miracle Tele is giving back to the billions of mobile networks users all over the globe. Without traditional telecom infrastructure, Miracle Tele is set to disrupt the communications industry through a decentralized mobile network spanning 163 countries.

The Miracle Tele solution provides a mobile virtual network (MVN) on the blockchain, which enables all calls to be treated as local calls. This mean zero roaming fees and all incoming calls are free. However, Miracle Tele’s data rate will be charged based on each country, while outgoing calls are pegged at the flat rate of EUR 0.20.

Other key benefits of Miracle Tele’s solution include: a pay-as-you-go service with zero paper trail and utmost privacy; virtual numbers from any country in the world for only EUR 2- 3 and a monthly fee cost of EUR .50-1.50; free service access to WhatsApp and Telegram on the network (in development); multi-currency top-ups in both fiat and popular cryptocurrencies; and a groundbreaking reward system that distributes biweekly payments of up to 40% of the company’s net profit, payable in either fiat or cryptocurrency.

TELE for Blockchain

Miracle Tele will be moving from the Ethereum blockchain to its own proprietary blockchain in 2020 for even cheaper access to services. To support the development of this blockchain, the platform has minted 150,000,000 TELE tokens for its ongoing crowdsale. Contributors can acquire TELE Tokens at EUR 0.10 with no minimum or maximum limit to contribution. Miracle Tele will also airdrop TELE tokens for the whole of next month while running a social media bounty campaign.

TELE, as a utility token, is the exclusive payment instrument for airtime and data on the platform. As a token backed by a real company with a working product, TELE is less likely to affected by the crypto market’s infamous volatility.

Name and address are only required when purchasing a Miracle Tele SIM card. Data packages are independent and users can browse the internet without needing one.

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