Cryptocurrency use for mainstream payments is a holy grail for many decentralized projects; therefore, UTRUST’s integration of DIGIBYTE’s technology will position it on a fast lane for mass adoption of a secure usage of its cryptocurrency and platform for payment purposes across the web.

UTRUST emerged as a top-tier global payment gateway for cryptocurrencies by making spending a lot easier and safer for both merchants and customers. The platform offers unique features such as Buyer Protection and Instant Payments. The company’s ultimate goal is to model traditional payment gateways and make it even better by incorporating cryptocurrency flexibility and blockchain robustness.

UTRUST’s objective as the world’s first cryptocurrency payment gateway solution is to become an iconic platform for cryptocurrency usage in everyday spending – to include purchases done online and in real-world physical stores for goods and services. To achieve this feat, the platform has been designed to leverage blockchain technology to advance secure cryptocurrency payments and undo the snag in the current traditional gateway setup. This will further help in the promotion of crypto-payment adoption on e-commerce platforms.

Secured Partnership

It’s barely a month since UTRUST sealed a partnership deal with Pundi X, where engineering objectives for both platforms were synced to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency usage at the mainstream level. This move has been succeeded by its current innovative step to add more cryptocurrency payment options to the platform.

In the bid to achieve more milestone objectives, and increase the awareness of its platform as a one-stop shop gateway solution to crypto-related payments for the e-commerce industry; DigiByte cryptocurrency will accord it a more secured function based on its technology. Rudy Bouwman, DigiByte Awareness Team Marketing Manager expresses his enthusiasm on the new found partnership:

“We are excited by the prospect of working with UTRUST and getting DigiByte to be your payment processing solution; this would allow us to grow organically and attract more interest as an open source solution. We hope not only to create a robust decentralized public blockchain, but to change the world for the better.”

The team structure behind both companies – UTRUST and DigiByte are tactical, enabling both systems to synergistically harness the positive influence of their support community. They have an in-depth understanding of the role each project will play in providing secure and fast transactions on the blockchain network. With relatively lower network transaction fees when compared with most cryptocurrency assets making them spendable, the huge benefits are justly weighed.

DigiByte has 4 years of experience backing up their asset, with a highly dedicated and efficient team who have positively influenced other blockchain networks and facilitated cryptocurrency platforms; their impact has been felt outside the scope of the DigiByte network. The DigiByte network comprises of 5 mining algorithms, with the perks of global decentralization and stability ensuring the platform is secure with no point of failure. More so, it has no form of centralized servers governing the node operations and uses a decentralized distributed node protocol to achieve consensus.

The integration of both technologies will ensure that users can securely transfer digital value in terms of cryptocurrencies through the UTRUST network. Each will contribute a unique essence from their technological framework to the platform’s performance in providing for a highly secured cryptocurrency payment gateway for the e-commerce industry – first of its kind on a global scale.

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