France-based tech firm ARK continues to achieve significant progress in the development of an optimized version of its ARK Core all-in-one blockchain solutions, sharing details of the latest updates going on behind the curtains aimed at enhanced efficiency.

ARK Core v2 is on the Way

It was in autumn 2017 when ARK first considered and then embarked on a complete rewrite of the ARK Core architecture. The ARK Core v2 update was initiated as part of a long-term strategy to prepare its entire Blockchain architecture to be ready for new, relevant technologies that continue to demonstrate ARK’s visionary goals.

To begin with, the ARK project has decided to scrap the legacy Crypti/Lisk code in favor of its own customized build, one that would be able to fully adapt to facilitate the platform’s needs. The development team had already recognized that the core code base at the time was not able to accommodate the objectives of ARK’s Contract Execution Services (ACES) and other internal work.

The team from ARK is now satisfied with current progress and have announced an impending release of the project’s beta version onto DevNet to be open for public testing.

Ushering in the next generation of deployable, Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)

Among the key features of the new ARK Core v2 include:

  • Supporting multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Single command line install.
  • User determined components such as Relay Node, Forger, Transaction Pool, Storage, Public API, P2P API.
  • Snapshots made redundant. If nodes fork or get stuck, it will now delete a determined number of blocks from the database and attempt an ARK network sync instead of downloading snapshots.
  • Forging process will run behind a firewall.
  • Programmable State Machine with an auditing API.
  • Implementation of AIP11 (protocol serialization).
  • Implementation of AIP14 (versioned restful API).
  • Implementation of AIP15 (WebHooks).
  • Multi processor capabilities (separate CPUs for node, transaction pool and forger processes).
  • Quick SPV rebuild (automatic switch to full rebuild when approaching network height).
  • BIP38 encryption of delegate passphrase in config file with one-time password (OTP) encryption in RAM for enhanced security.
  • Rotating and compressing log.
  • Constants in config file, with progressive fork rules, to ease the configuration of deployable arkchains.
  • Support for various databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, MsSQL.
  • Internal API for forger.
  • Revamped testing framework.
  • 100% compatibility with v1 protocol.
  • Dynamic fees (fees will be set by delegates in their config files, reflecting another step towards true governance)

Making ARK the True One-Stop-Shop

ARK co-founder Francois Thoorens explained that there was already clear evidence that the updates were bearing results in efficiency, with the script now performing rebuilds each time nodes are restarted to ensure safe syncing back to the network:

Once the blockchain is downloaded and assuming it is not corrupted, we have managed to perform a complete rebuild in a little over 1 minute for mainnet on a Macbook Pro.”

Thoorens further revealed the rebuild would be further improved to achieve a complete blockchain audit that would detect any blockchain corruption. He believed that these updates would fulfill all the current and future requirements of developers intending to deploy DPoS blockchains, making ARK the best-in-class solution ready for immediate mass adoption.

ARK: A Platform for Consumer Adoption

ARK envisions a smart blockchain ecosystem built for mass adoption. It adapts and scales easily, providing users, developers and businesses with the simplest, most user-friendly blockchain-enabled services available anywhere.

With the diversity of talented individuals driving ARK as a successful tech company, ARK benefits from a number of far-sighted developments, such as becoming the first cryptocurrency-related SCIC in France.

To learn more about ARK, visit the website and read its whitepaper. To meet with the team, join them on Slack or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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