10 years ago, an obscure paper by an unknown person, Satoshi Nakamoto, explained what blockchain was. Today, the disruptive technology, with its efficiency, security and speed, has become the fastest growing industry in the world.

The Problem

From early adopters to the slow bureaucracy, decentralized technology is being accepted as a game changer in all sectors. It has had the biggest impact in the financial industry. Even with its proven benefits, many organizations and governments are having a hard time shifting towards it. There are a few issues that make it so, such as the lack of expertise in an organization, investment into the unknown and even the training of staff on the new technology.

Another issue that comes for organizations is that the users of the technology are not traditional ones and development of a decentralized platform means a lot of money and time is invested to drive potential and new users. This requires further investment. Finding blockchain-oriented marketing staff or an outsourcing agency can be a headache in itself.

CPI: One Stop Solution

CPI Technologies is a Germany-based marketing and blockchain developer that understands the issues and offers an all round package that covers all bases. With a turnkey solution, it not only offers blockchain ecosystem development at all levels, but also offers an integrated marketing solution.

With CPI Technologies’ expertise, organizations need only deal with a single point of contact for development, deployment, marketing and fine tuning of their ecosystems.CPI Technologies does this with a planned, sequential methodology:

  • Planning and analyzing the project.
  • Designing the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Development of the system.
  • Testing under various conditions.
  • Designing the marketing strategy.
  • Launching of the platform, with the marketing strategy working in tandem.
  • Measurement through KPIs for optimizing and fine tuning.

Since its inception, CPI Industries have completed more than 40 high value projects, which include crypto exchanges and crypto payment processing systems. CPI Technologies also understands that time is an important factor and offers one of the shortest turnaround time in the industry. Its’ star service is a fully functional crypto exchange platform.

Marvin Steinberg: The Founder

The CPI Technologies’ team is led by Marvin Steinberg, the founder. He carries a wealth of experience and has one success story after another under his belt. He launched CPI Technologies in 2016, helping blockchain startups achieve their goals and dreams. Till now, his organizations has secured more than USD 250,000,000 in funding.

From a developer organization that offers white label blockchain platforms, Marvin has grown the CPI Technologies as an industry leader and one of the most influential blockchain companies in the world. The statistics speak for themselves, as explained by Marvin:

Since its inception, CPI Technologies has delivered successful projects, one after another. My team has more than 47 completed projects that have processed more than 32,000 BTC and helped increase sales by 182% through analysis, split-testing and continuous optimization of the customer experience. We know what to do, where and especially how to do it

To learn more about the turn key blockchain developer, visit their website.

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