OpenBlocks have released a newly automated cryptocurrency trading bot dubbed Obi. The platform will bring OpenBlocks token holders automated rewards. The platform is available for international users in almost all locations to stake their tokens on the network.

Recently released research has illustrated the last 2 years as highly rewarding for those choosing to invest in cryptocurrencies, due to the variety of trading opportunities and appreciating prices.

This has allowed individual traders to participate in crypto trading, often without the knowledge of the pitfalls such as high volatility that could lose them return on investment.

The opaque or unaccessible background of multiple coins and tokens on the crypto market make it difficult for traders to make an educated investment decision. Various comparative and review platforms have emerged to assist users in place of any official oversight. The 24/7 crypto market never closes for business, perpetually creating an environment that offers both huge losses and huge gains.

Crypto market analysts have a difficult task in monitoring the trends, fundamentals, and daily moving average among other aspects. While some information needed is easily accessible on the internet, it is sometimes difficult to verify the validity of the resources. Some companies may espouse false information online to boost the value of their coin or token.

The Artificial Intelligence Advantage

The advantages of combining AI trading and human trading are substantial. A.I. works within predetermined trading rules, trading 24 hours a day, with no occasions of human error. It is so far the most officiant, reasoned way to deal with risk management in trading to maximize profits.

OpenBlock has begun to find solutions to the issues of crypto trading, through their automated trading bot Obi. OpenBlock has carried out two years of investment and extensive research and development in preparation for the release of Obi. What they hope now, is that Obi has successfully solved the problems of human day trading, providing consistent profits day in and day out.

What Is OpenBlock

OBi is OpenBlocks’ automated cryptocurrency trading bot that aims to bring trading returns to the Open Block platform token holders. This allows people from almost anywhere in the world to participate by staking their tokens on the network. Individuals that do not have the time nor the basic knowledge of crypto trading can benefit from the continuously growing digital currency marketplace without involving themselves in the risky business of educating themselves online. OBi is an advanced automated trading bot that does the market analysis for members of the OpenBlock community 24 hours a day.

Obi is programmed to trade dozens of currency pairs of crypto simultaneously while it scans the markets, analyzes charts and performs fundamental analysis around the clock. The potential scale of AI success in this position far outweighs what individual humans are capable of. OBi has the ability to trade up to 1200 round trips in a 24 hour period.

AI is the future of trading technology, and OpenBlock is providing one of the first viable options for the crypto world.

OpenBlock pursues complete transparency, offering potential users the opportunity to watch their live streamed trades in real time. OBi also posts the daily trading results online, alongside the daily profits earned. This ensures that staking participants are always in the loop. OpenBlock has the potential to offer the crypto community a sustainable business model for AI trading.

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