All it took for the world to realise the potentials of blockchain integration into everyday activities was a novel gaming experience about breeding virtual cats. Cryptokitties garnered both critical and commercial success as it took the world by storm, through its disintermediation of gaming experience and asset ownership. However, it wasn’t long before cracks began to surface as the user base grew.

From autonomy of the network to true ownership claims, scalability issues, and optimization problems, the gaming experience became more of a chore rather than the pleasure promised. However, from all these challenges, one glaring fact became obvious; these games were only pseudo-blockchain games – meaning the gaming data are kept off-chain, making the information tamperable. The centralized sources of these game datas offers no true ownership of gaming experience and are dogged by multiple sources of failures. Innovative gaming platform, Panda.Earth has announced the development of the world’s first autonomous gaming ecosystem.

A Community Autonomous Ecosystem

Panda.Earth grant players the role of “Guardians” in a bold new universe where they get to explore, meet up with each other, breed and exchange pandas. Guardians can team up across a number PCs and mobile terminals for and adventure across this exciting new world.

A Bold New World on the Blockchain

Developed by a world class team, Panda.Earth stands out from all other gaming experience through five core features that governing the structure of the world. They are:

Unique Genetic Algorithm: Using real-world genetic output, Panda.Earth replicates real life panda characteristics through proprietary algorithms on the blockchain. These algorithms are controlled by autonomous smart contracts, ensuring the uniqueness of every panda, fairness of distribution, genuineness of ownership.

Real World Mapping: Partnering with China Giant Panda Protection Research Center, Panda.Earth possess sole authorization and access to hundreds of data on panda, allowing them to map and replicate them authentically on the blockchain. In turn, this makes the platform the Premier source for decentralized data on real-world pandas.

Rarity: At the heart of Panda.Earth’s mission is a strong desire to protect the remaining 1864 wild pandas documented by the WWF in a recent report. By coding their characteristics into smart contracts, Panda.Earth is offering a fun and exciting new way of protecting the panda population, while generating awareness about their natural habitat changing trends. The game rewards diligent players for collecting and breeding rare pandas, because pandas are one of the most precious animals in the world, and so are their reflections on the blockchain.

Emerging ERC-721 Exchange: Panda.Earth leverages  ERC-721 protocols on Ethereum blockchain to become the world’s first cross-gaming and crosschain ecosystem. Offering more than just “collectible” features for players to breed and trade cryptopandas, the platform also enables players to exchange their pandas with other digital collections through smart contracts and sidechains. Players will be able to determine their own price and exchange pandas for kitties, fishes, and other digital pets based on ERC-721 protocols.

Community Autonomy: Panda.Earth is an autonomous ecosystem governed by basic rules and governance logic that promotes fairness and transparency. These logics properly introduces and stimulates the Real-Life living conditions of giant pandas for enriched gameplay experience.

Panda.Earth’s Featured Gameplay

Panda.Earth’s groundbreaking algorithm ensures that every cryptopanda has its own unique genes and personality. This not only ensure that there’s no two same panda in the universe, but also influences the quality of its offspring. Guardians will be incentivized to encourage the breeding of pandas with different personalities for extremely treasured panda babies.

By leveraging ERC-721 protocols, Panda.Earth will be able to seamlessly populate the universe, and also allow players to seamlessly exchange other “collectible” gaming assets such as kitties at their own preferred price. Players will also be able to receive “bamboo” by acquiring territory for the bamboos to grow. Bamboos represents convertible cash source for transferring values to the ecosystem.

An Incentivized Platform

In order to incentivized the community and garner feedback from the community, Panda.Earth is offering a batch of cryptopandas free of charge to users for signing up for early-stage community building.

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