Privacy-centric Particl, which is building a platform for decentralized applications with a focus on privacy, has entered into a strategic alliance with leading cryptocurrency exchange Changelly as a step towards opening up the market for private exchanges within the Particl Marketplace.

With both firms working within a common vision to allow more users to transact with more tokens with each other in a decentralized system, the new partnership will mean more ways for crypto users to earn and spend coins in a trustless manner, while protecting their privacy.

The teams met at Consensus 2018, each discussing various solutions for eCommerce check-outs, crypto shopping online, and privacy-centric transactions.

Changelly CEO and co-founder Konstantin Gladych expressed pleasure at having Particl as a partner, believing that they could work together to build an “all-in-one approach to interaction between cryptocurrencies”, while ensuring users benefited from a smooth experience as possible.

Particle lead developer Ryno Mathee was similarly enthused about the new alliance, stating that Changelly provided “a much-needed service” which would create multiple new avenues for Particl.

Linking synergies

The Particl Marketplace is already live on testnet, allowing vendors and buyers to transact in its native privacy coin, PART. A foundation of Particl is to develop privacy-focused dapps that will let any crypto user transact in their own crypto of choice, be it Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether.

Changelly, meanwhile, is best known for its instant exchange APIs that have been developed together with wallets and payment providers like Jaxx, Coinomi and Coinpayments. These APIs allow partners to give users the ability to exchange coins instantly without using external exchanges. Changelly also mediates exchanges between Bittrex, Binance and others, opening new exchange channels for Particl.

The new cooperation will look to enhance Particl Marketplace’s checkout process, for a seamless private online shopping experience, with over 100 coins and tokens on Changelly instantly accessing all Particl Marketplace listed products via privacy-enabled Particl Confidential Transactions.

Private, decentralized transactions

Private by design, Particl’s minimum viable product is the Particl Marketplace: a decentralized platform to protect and enhance privacy online. Approaching its first year of creation, Particl’s suite of native tools pioneered many items in its base code from Bitcoin 0.16, such as Right Confidential Transactions, Confidential Transactions and PoS Cold Staking – a method that stores coins offline while online staking nodes (that keep no coins) are working on their behalf via multi-signature contracts.

Dapps can be built into Particl, all within a secure environment able to scale and integrate directly into its desktop version. All fees generated by the marketplace transactions are used to remunerate holders who help secure the network, using the native PART digital asset.

Instant, secure exchanges

Developed by the same team behind MinerGate and popularly used for its instant exchange feature, Changelly lists over 100 cryptocurrencies and processes some 15,000 transactions every day. With low fees of 0.5%, users can exchange high limits instantly without the hassle of an external exchange and receive their exchanged coins within seconds.

Over two million users have registered with Changelly since 2015, using its API and customizable payment widget for their exchange needs. It counts Binance, Breakwallet, Coinomi, Jaxx and Mycelium among its partners.

To learn more, visit the Particl website or chat with them on Telegram. Interact with the community on Discord or Riot.

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