The real estate market is massive, constituting 60% of global wealth. In such an established and diverse market, innovation is essential to progression. In response to an ever changing and interconnect world, DirectHome has elevated itself as a market leader in a competitive market.

Singapore’s DirectHome has the capability to be the leading platform globally, by providing unique and groundbreaking value to the real estate industry. In Singapore in 2017, transactions for residential property was S$50 billion – with 1.5% in sales commissions, which works out at S$750 million in sales commission in a valuable PropTech technology market. DirectHome has the potential to revolutionize the real estate market on a local and even globally scale.

Who are DirectHome

DirectHome offers a unique property platform that allows buyers and sellers of resale properties to transact without any real estate agents, with little to no cost. In a competitive market DirectHome is cementing itself as a leader by providing cash back for those who purchase property via the platform. The DirectHome platform is notably cost effective as well as efficient and valuable, by incorporating rewards through tokens, powered by blockchain.  

By launching DIREC token, DirectHome has skyrocketed itself as a sector leader. The decentralized platform is designed to a offer a full real estate database on a global scale, while facilitating transactions between property buy and sellers alike. Indeed, homeowners, developers and all existing stakeholders can benefit from an efficient network via the ethereum blockchain. The result: a secure efficient and cost effective platform.

Why The DirectHomes Token Event Is Different

DirectHome have differentiated themselves to their competitors by utilizing blockchain in an already profitable and successful business model, a tall order in such a deep sector. Despite being an established industry, the real estate market has been notably slow to adapt to trends observed elsewhere in fintech.

However, recently there has been an overflow of real estate oriented cryptocurrencies. Seeking to capitalize on such a seemingly untapped and lucrative sector, these various tokens and cryptocurrencies use blockchain to improve on the real estate landscape.

DirectHome has successful transcended the real estate market with its innovative stance and deep understanding of the sector, both locally and globally. By incorporating blockchain technology on top of a pre existing and successful business model, the potential of DirectHome is soon to be realized.

However, despite DirectHome’s progression, there is a number of contributing factors as to why the real estate sector has been slow to adopt areas of fintech. Primarily, real estate is heavily regulated, ownership registry-based and it is a diverse product. The DirectHomes platform, on the other hand, cuts out the need for realtors and facilitates transactions between sellers  and buyers, which generates time and saves on cost.

DirectHome is therefore cementing itself above its competitors by participating in its token sale and events.

The DirectHome Platform

Many blockchain companies and token events may fall short of their potential due to spectualing and selling untested ideas. However, Directhome has already transacted over $350 million in property value. When the existing DirectHome website fully integrates blockchain technology the true potential of DirectHome’s vision will be realized, as users will be adopting tokens with true value.

DirectHome rewards their buyers with a cash back mechanism which will be implemented in Singapore and on a global scale. DirectHome also includes a crowd source contributor platform that further reward contributors, when adding real estate data is uploaded to the platform. The platform will in turn grow globally, building a transparent and valuable platform for all contributors.

The Direct Home Token Event

DirectHome’s vision is to transform the real estate industry, and anyone can be part of it. Indeed, their platform is the first of its kind to implement blockchain technology and the launch of a token sale, with a soft cap of  3,000,000 USD.

The token sale commences May 15th 2018 (12:00 PM Singapore Time GMT +8) and ends on July 15th 2018 (11:59 AM Singapore Time GMT +8). For the first time, the public is invited. The funds generated by the sale will be used to further develop a host of different areas of the business, as DirectHome continues to grow with modern times.

For more information on DirectHome’s new era, visit their website and read their whitepaper. DirectHome also invites you to chat with their team here.


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