Decentralized marketplaces have a huge potential for impacting the future as the blockchain businesses are set to challenge the market monopoly of the big e-commerce giants around the world like Amazon, eBay and AliBaba. Small businesses and sellers in particular can benefit from these decentralized marketplaces in a big way because there is reduced risk of fraud,scams, and expensive cuts by the big online marketplaces are reduced since there is no third party involved in the transactions.

Keyrpto is a new groundbreaking blockchain-based online marketplace for small businesses and their products. It allows the medium-level sellers to sell their products or services on the platform with full payment protection to minimize risk of frauds and scams and becoming a trusted third party mediator when called upon. The Keyrpto platform is going to undergo a crowdsale in from April 2 onwards. Interested persons can view the demo platform version by visiting their official website and they can enroll on their whitelist that is open for the public.

How is the Keyrpto Platform a Game Changer?

The Keyrpto team is focused on building their revolutionary platform in a bottom-up approach and are already planning to release the beta version of the full platform that users can test on their own. The first-of-its-kind fully functional smart contract between buyer and seller and complete transparency is being implemented by a Blockchain-based e-commerce platform. Buyers can pay with the cryptocurrencies of their choice while the native token (KYT) is going to offer special functions in the marketplace. A successful merging of cryptocurrency transactions is going to enable the tremendous potential of the project. According to Osama Morad, the founder of Keyrpto:

“I believe this is the blockchain era and it will be the next revolution for the online marketplace. As this revolutionary technology increases in popularity, more blockchain-based companies will be dreaming up the next big steps for a variety of industries. Keyrpto will be a leader in the e-commerce industry.

The Keyrpto Token Generation Event

The Keyrpto crowdfunding campaign or Token Generation Event will start on April 2nd, 2018. There will be a maximum ceiling of 1 billion KYT tokens but the number available in the blockchain will be 510 million KYT tokens and the soft cap will be 300 million KYT tokens, during the crowdsale. All the tokens left unsold in the TGE will be burned. The price is set at 1USD=100 KYT with several discounts offered in the early stages.

For more information, visit the Website:

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