This is a unique and innovative tool that will enhance the capabilities of investors worldwide. The Safinus project team will kick off the main stage of its Token Generation Event (TGE) 2nd May 2018.

The platform released its own token with the SAF indicator with a Hard Cap pf 16,000,000 USD being established. The base price is affordable for all new investors at 1 USD during the TGE period commencing in May for 1 month.

Confidence in the project is high as the pre-sale token event successfully hit the Hard Cap well in advance reaching half a million dollars. This is just one of the indicators of how well this platform is going to perform.

The Safinus MVP

The safinus team is going to release their platform’s MVP, giving token buyers the opportunity to become familiar with the pilot version of the Safinus platform a week before the launch. New investors will instantly see the ease of entering the cryptomarket, understanding the intricacies of the market whilst educating everyone from a novice to a veteran investor. This platform allows the investor to concentrate on the achieving the best results for their portfolio. The safinus tools allow you to simply pick attractive portfolios based on an average rating within a few clicks.

For those already well invested in the cryptomarket, the Safinus project will heighten their managed capital and profits earnt off commissions. This is a new simplified platform, attractive to clients worldwide, appealing to the new and the experienced.

This is the first platform of its kind to connect newcomers to the experienced investors, increasing the input to profitable investment portfolios thus profits received comparable to their investment creating a mutual benefit.

Doors open for the Crypto Industry

Easy, secure opportunities to invest funds in this niche will appeal to all level of crypto user worldwide. Aside from the fluid and simple use, the Safinus project hosts its own crypto exchange and a selection of other functional elements aiding the experienced investor to manage funds with enhanced efficiency.

Multiple Exchanges, One Interface

Multiple exchanges can mean a clunky use of multiple platforms devaluing not just the user’s experience but capabilities to work effectively across varying currencies. A unified platform interface allows access to orders of multiple exchanges. Safinus platform connects these using apis so the trader’s transactions are seamlessly in one location, simplifying the workload, therefore, saving time on unnecessary processes.

Out with the Old … In with the New

The benefit of this new logical, smooth mechanism is the old ‘essentials’ are not lost. Traditional stock market technical analysis tools are accessible within a few clicks. Just to make life one step simpler, certain operations are automated, decreasing reaction times to market changes another helpful tool to the time precious trader.

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