Blockchain platform Skycoin will officially release its full Developer documentation, Skywire application, in a few weeks time. Ahead of the release, the Skycoin team have announced the release of a developer version of the application for developers to install, run, and build apps for Skywire mainnet.  

Hello Mainnet

After 10 months of tireless development and expansive testing by the Skycoin team on a network consisting of several thousand nodes, Developers can now try out the Skywire mainnet for the development and deployment of the third-generation blockchain solution. The mainnet now sports a revamped interface and overhauled features in a bid to streamline operations for flawless service delivery, including a distributed and secure chat app, SSH, and a multi-hop tunnelling proxy app. The team also reiterated its commitment to supporting the creation of a level playing field for blockchain-based innovations, development of next-generation distributed apps, and constant release of new features that continues to push the boundaries of cutting-edge development. Already, several new features are being lined up for release over the coming months. This and more details will be unveiled in due time by the team.

The Skycoin Vision

For almost a decade, Skycoin’s dedicated team have diligently pursued a decentralised vision for a free and fair global economy. Skywire, the decentralized internet protocol and mesh network, is the culmination of that goal, providing users with access to fast, secure, private and reliable internet, regardless of the user’s location. Skycoin is a development that was born out of the merger of three separate projects building on the foundation laid by Satoshi Nakomoto. Having pinpointed the underlying issues behind the lack of global adoption, the Skycoin team took to developing a solution that gives real-world utility to blockchain through the development of a unique protocol for the Internet.  

Skywire is Skycoin’s product. Skywire is a decentralized, community-driven, mesh network designed for users to own and control the network’s infrastructure, creating a vibrant and resilient unrestricted network for a free and uncensored Internet experience. This first version of Skywire’s mainnet represents a huge milestone for Skycoin and for the future of the internet.

Skywire Mainnet Experience

Skywire offers numerous options and services for both users and developers. The project which already has its own chain, algorithm, programming language, and hardware will be rolling out several features in the coming months including:  

  1. A new and intuitive UI for developers and users to easily interact with the mainnet
  2. Private Skycoin transactions feature utilizing CoinJoin and a Coin Hours bank.
  3. Remote management of unlimited nodes
  4. Bandwidth monetization and sharing system.
  5. CXO protocol integration for distributed data storage.

Please note: Skywire mainnet can be installed on any other device for testing and building, however do not install this on your skyminers as they are running testnet and will stop receiving rewards. Bug reporting must be passed through the github repo. Details of the process is available in the readme section of the branch.

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