As we progress into a hyperconnected world, blockchain technology is continuing to revamp countless industries. Skywire is the most advanced blockchain application ecosystem in the world. With a vision to make the internet as transparent and accessible as possible, Skywire is restructuring how the world wide web connects people. Developed by early contributors to both Bitcoin and Ethereum, Skywire boasts a secure and scalable service, that is set to transform global connectivity.

Blockchain-based solutions are changing the modern world at an accelerating rate. The method of handling data packets on the internet, or TCP/IP,  is being revamped. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol) is a speed-handling system in which data packet loss is controlled and IP is a routing handling system for data transmission. These two protocols are outdated by more than 40 years and are another example of Skywire’s innovative solutions.  

The Power Of Skywire Mesh Networking

Skywire offers a decentralised solution that removes the aging protocols used for today’s internet. With a blockchain-based internet services, Skywire is a mesh network consisting of thousands of nodes that connect directly for forwarding and routing internet traffic. This creates a network that is more secure, stable and faster than the current web. The Skywire mesh functions more efficiently and differently from the conventional TCP/IP system, creating a decentralised and well-distributed network.

Skywire is meticulously designed, with an updated protocol called Multi-Protocol Label Switching. MPLS allows for scalability and high performance of data transfer across any medium. MPLS also empowers privacy functionality as each node on the network can only see the previous node and the next jump for the data packet. This is a far more transparent system with security and privacy at its core. An excellent improvement compared to IPV4 and IPV6 protocols, where anyone can view the origin and the destination of the data being sent.

Skywire Is Cost Effective

The Skywire network establishes a new internet for the world to benefit by utilising blockchain technology. It’s an internet built by the people, for the people, without the need for a centralised stronghold that legacy ISPs have on the world’s internet services. At present, most individuals have to choose from a limited number of internet service providers within their geographical location. This enables exploitation when ISPs are charging whatever they want at their users’ expense.

Skywire has the solution: with tens of thousands of nodes around the world in the Skywire network, users are empowered with the choice to connect to any of their preferred nodes.

This a notably cost effective solution, as users only pay for the bandwidth they use, and are paid for the bandwidth that they provide. As a result, internet costs will be driven down and control is put back into the hands of the users. For the first time, users will become their own internet service providers, by receiving payment for the services they provide and paying for the services they choose to use. Skywire is set to change the global connectivity of people, offering a significantly cheaper solution that is set to revamp traditional services.

Skywire Testnet Release

Skywire have offered a peek into what their ecosystem has to offer going forward. A testnet service was released on 22nd May, 2018. This initial software will allow users to test the capabilities of a decentralised internet.

The testnet phase will reward Skyminers (the hardware telecom backbone of the Skywire mesh internet). With stable nodes and an uptime of at least 75% per month will be rewarded with Skycoins as a gesture for their participation. Self-built DIY miners from the community are also eligible to participate.

To find out more about Skywire and their exciting new chapter, visit their website. To learn more, read the whitepaper and connect on Telegram.

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