Soccer Manager™ Crypto  is a fully decentralised football management multiplayer game, with its niche selling point indicated in the latter half of its name. The blockchain technology supported by the game offers two unique features: provably fair gaming and severless participation for the players. Provably fair gaming describes the ability of the technology that enables it to be mathematically impossible for players to cheat, while the serverless participation is accessible across thousands of leagues.

The Technology Behind It

The blockchain based approach of Soccer Manager separates it from similar games, as it empowers players with complete ownership of their football credits, players and stadiums. Any value in the game is similarly capable of being transferred, traded, or sold. This new concept gives gamers their first chance to game in a real transfer market, where in-game winnings can be directly translated into real world value.

The launch of Soccer Manager ™ Crypto is supported by established blockchain platform, Chimaera. The company objective of Chimaera is to develop blockchain gaming further than its current role of merely offering asset storage and management — instead it attempts to creat a platform on which an entire gaming world can operate. This carries with it several advantages, including the ability to game without servers, having 24/7 uptime and resistance to fraudulent behaviours and cheating. As well as this, it allows in-game assets and items to be acquired in a provably fair way, giving them significantly more value than items created at the developers will with no player knowledge.

Andrew Gore, the CEO of Soccer Manager ™ recently released a statement expressing his pleasure at having finally being able to implement his game on a suitable blockchain platform. The Chimaera project that Gore decided to collaborate with have been spearheading the blockchain gaming industry for several years.

About Chimaera

The Chimaera team are behind the world’s first decentralized MMO and the first true blockchain game, the Huntercoin Experiment in 2013. This precedes CryptoKitties, the popular cat game built on the Etherum blockchain that many believe was the first step in blockchain gaming. Huntercoin is a virtual world built on the blockchain, running 24/7 for players to move around a map, collect coins, fight others to steal coins. The coins can then be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The next step for Chimaera is the development of an entire ecosystem where developers and gamers can immerse themselves in the next-generation of blockchain games.

About Soccer Management

Soccer Manager ™ is a Play-to-Earn gaming experience, where gamers play to keep hold of their cryptocurrency value that in turn can be exchanged for fiat currencies. The game itself is similar to other soccer management games, with players working to grow their stadium and fan base, as well as meet the team’s upkeep needs. League Matches are played on average twice a week and the results of each match are determined over the course of around 60 to 90 minutes. Friendly matches and tournaments can be played at any time. Players can challenge opponents directly and compete for SMCs (Soccer Manager Coins).

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