is a new tech start-up that offers a private, data encrypted platform for the everyday user. Users data in the social network is entirely decentralized, with search engines being hindered from indexing profiles.

Sociall network has just announced their closed beta registration is now open, with an aim to focus on a broader audience, following an increasing demand for anonymity and privacy concerns. Recent evidence suggests that tech giant social networks are having a difficult time with data protection and privacy of the consumer – the companies claim ownership of user data and content, allowing third parties access and collect data inevitably.

A Decentralized Network

Around 2.5 billion consumers use social networks worldwide, with privacy and trust at an all-time low. Well handled research assessed by access management company Gigya showed that 68% of consumers did not trust brands to manage their personal information appropriately.

The Sociall network ethos is to provide an adequate response and solution the recent challenges affecting social networks on a day to day basis, Sociall is building a secure and decentralized social system, and will encrypt user data and multimedia uploads, storing them securely all over the world.

The Sociall platform is private and discourages search engines from breaching privacy data and viewing user profiles or displaying them in search results. Sociall’s hand stays on the level ground never claiming ownership of any uploaded data or content. All information belongs to the user and is stored privately.

The Native SCL Utility Token

Sociall native SCL token will utilize the platform, and the token is already trading on many exchanges. All accounts will have a decentralized wallet to store the SCL and other popular cryptocurrencies securely. Wallets will exist throughout the platform build upon a number of Ethereum smart contracts.

Privacy on Point

Sociall has a strict and straightforward privacy setting for users to control access to their profile and personal information. Decentralized storage will keep track of content, being encrypted at the first step.

In 2019, Sociall plans to move data storage to IPFS, a distributed peer two peer protocol, allowing for a higher level of decentralization. Data security and authentication is the most critical aspect of any social networking platform. The platform has selected an outstanding open-source project called IdentityServer, trusted by tech giants such as Microsoft and Bosch.

Sociall uses a third-party security firm to run audits and penetration testing. This ensures that there are no security vulnerabilities within the code or development flows. The company will make all audit reports public, and will not store any private keys or passwords in the database. Users will have to create a unique password that grants them access to their wallet.

The platform will play host to a marketplace, where users can buy and sell products and services using SCL. Sociall will charge a flat fee of 1% taken from the seller after the transaction. User-to-user messaging will be an option for dedicated communication, for the platform’s features such as groups and events. End to end encryption, their upcoming crowdfunding platform and advertising campaigns are also in the pipeline with  release imminent. Sociall will provide SCL holders with an instant-access debit card, allowing them to spend their tokens in the real world.

In the second half of 2018, Sociall intends to move the majority of its projects, including its API server and the front-end component, to open-source. It will offer the public bounties to run tests on the code and find flaws in the security, design and all other aspects.

To find out more, visit the Sociall website:

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