Crypto trading is an art and there are only a few entities that can claim expertise in the field. The rest of the crypto trading community are just banking on “HODLing”and proven trading techniques most of the times. These top brass who have made a fortune in the coin economy are called whales. There is considerable money to be made from learning from these successful traders and more importantly to mirror their future trades and follow them live. Some platforms actually ask users to pay for this pleasure.

Spiking: A Platform for Following Whales

Spiking is a new crypto trading application that allows the user to mirror the trades made by successful whales,  and lets them mirror their trades by following them. It basically allows the user to “spike” the whale and follow it in its hunting ground, i.e the crypto trading circles. Instead of adopting any shady option to users, the whole experience is done in a very professional and transparent environment. Recently, the Spiking platform has signed deals with J Capital, an investment fund that has invested $1 million into the platform and Excavo’s Eugene Loza, a top crypto trader at

The move will see J Capital’s Chief Investment Officer Kenneth Tan and Eugene Loza join the board of Spiking in an advisory role.  In addition to these two partners, Andy Tian, Group CEO of GIFTO and Ouyang Yun, Group President of Asia Innovations Group have also been engaged in an advisory role by the company.

The Spiking Platform

One thing the Spiking platform is banking on is security and transparency. Using the power of the Blockchain Technology and full audited security standards, Spiking will become a secure, transparent platform to follow the whales of any user’s choice and even mirror their trades.  Segregated accounts will also be given to traders so that they can apply what they learn directly on the platform instead of switching platforms all the time.

The Partnership

The new partnerships penned down by the Spiking team show the intent of the team to engage the top crypto trading resource and get the investment required to attract these top names.

Kenneth Tan of J Capital said regarding the move:

“Having many years of experience in both markets, I am glad that Spiking now offers a solution that allows traditional investors to participate seamlessly in the emerging crypto markets.  We think that this solution will disrupt the industry in a big way and this is a key reason why we chose to participate.”

Clemen Chiang, CEO & co-founder of Spiking platform said:

“We are thrilled that J Capital and Excavo have joined forces with Spiking, as we continue building a game-changing platform that makes successful cryptocurrency investing easier for everyone,”

The Spiking app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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