Blockchain startup Starflow has announced the development of a new ecosystem for the influencer economy. The goal of Starflow is to empower content creators through an infrastructure that gives them ownership and control over the value of their creations. The platform is set to gain major traction from individuals, attracted by the notion each user can own and control their own digital data. To fund the platform’s further development, Starflow is launching Sweden’s first token generation event (TGE).

Starflows objective seeks to provide an ecosystem that combines creators with a platform to safely share their content, as well as a place to start a dialogue between followers, creators and possible employers. Across the platform, Starflow integrates their own cryptocurrency, Starcoin. This allows the Starflow team to easily sell exclusive content, merchandise, and other services at a quicker pace than other currencies allow. Brands, Service providers, and content creators will be able to collaborate throughout the platform to create their own unique content.

David Gabor, Founder, and CEO

A statement from Starflow CEO David Gabor described the platform as the next obvious step in the development of crypto and blockchain technology. He predicts these new developments will be features of a new technological paradigm, which arguably they already there. David went on to announce Starflow’s ICO puts them at the forefront of this development, as it serves the emerging trends in the way societies have begun to produce, consume and monetize content in this social media era.

When speaking on Starflow’s TGE, he noted the event was a natural progression, as the company strongly support tokenization. Tokenization provides many benefits for companies that choose to enact the token format of revenue generation. It gives businesses the ability to be evaluated and measured on their own performance, rather than being dependent on the performance of other groups. In the case of Starflow, it also gives them the opportunity to incentivize their target groups onto the platform by giving them early ownership of tokens. This gives primary platform users the ability to help develop the infrastructure of the platform.

Details of Starflow’s TGE

The Pre-Sale of StarCoin will start on March 5, 09.00 am CET and will end on March 19, 09.00 am CET. The Public Sale will start on April 3, 09.00 am CET and will end on May 2, 09.00 am CET.

About Starflow

Starflow is a blockchain backed platform servicing the influencer economy. The goal of the platform is to create a commercial network between creators, brands, value & service providers and consumers. The founders describe Starflow as an open platform, meaning they hope to put the rights and incentives for users first and foremost through a transparent process throughout. By creating an ecosystem situated around their own Starcoin, Starflow’s creators hope to provide an arena that maximises the long-term gains for users that choose to stay with them. This will be propelled through Starcoin’s value appreciation.

Among Starflow’s contributors, are Paradox founder Fredrik Wester’s investment company Kichi Invest, tech profile Johan Staël von Holstein, media agency Scream and Fredrik Österberg, founder of Evolution Gaming. The TGE is a chance for Starflow to reach out to new potential collaborators, and reach a wider community with their ideas.

To learn more about Starflow, or to participate in the TGE, visit their website.

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