Anyone who is connected to the world through social media has, at least once, witnessed posts on platforms where owners or users will donate some money for every upvote or like given to a post. Such fake news is seemingly in abundant supply on every platform and content sharing medium.

Taking The Fake And Turning It Real

Tipper, a new Blockchain startup, decided to be a platform, that actually lets users donate (or tip, for that matter) through up voting contents other users create. A game changing paradigm shift, it brings unlimited monetization to its users.

On normal social media platforms, users are the one who create content. The service provider is just connecting people together. The success of viewership of user content is the success of the platform. Yet, the users, who create, view and watch each other, receive none of the revenue generated by the platform. Advertisers are also forced to go to the platform owners, who charge a hefty amount for ads to run on the most successful content creators’ pages.

Cut off from the monetary equation, users gain little to nothing for people following them or getting upvotes, while advertisers have little option on which channel or page to run their ad, making it difficult to target potential clients.

Tipper, as a platform for the people, understands these basic issues and allows users and ad runners to tip each other through upvotes and likes through a peer 2 peer system. Based on decentralized technology of Blockchain, what users tip to others will go to the person directly. There will be no involvement of the platform team and no middle man to take a cut of the earning. This allows true freedom of the social economy.

How Does Tipper Work?

Tipper has basically planned 4 ways for users to tip each other and create alternative revenue streams:

  • Tipping Model: Any content that a user posts can be tipped instead of giving likes or upvotes. This not only increases the viewership of the post, but allows the content creator to earn through the tips.
  • Content Investing: Users can sell shares of their contents to other users who buy these shares as investment. Any earning from the content posted will be automatically diverted to shareholders as dividends.
  • Momentization: The world is an exciting place with uncountable things happening daily that capture the imagination of people through small pictures and videos, or moments. Moment creators will be more than just credited for the content. Creators and people celebrating the moments can now be tipped by users who like the moments.
  • Ad Model: Advertisers will pay users directly for the ad space on their page. A true P2P platform, Tipper will not be the one taking the money. Ad runners can contact users directly, negotiate a rent, and have their ad running on the user’s page, who gets all of the rent money.

Tipping The Economy

Tipper, like all decentralized platforms, has its own token, the TIPR, which will be the standard token through which all tips will be made. A token designed for hundreds of thousands of micropayments, which will be able to process up to 250,000 transactions a second. The token is in its distribution event, that will end on 31st March, 2018. A total of 200,000,000 TIPR are available for backers, with 1 ETH fetching 4,000 TIPR.

Further information is available at their website:


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