Trade Follow Global (TFG) is an estabilished Global Forex and CFD Broker trading platform that utilizes social trading to bring maximum profits to cryptocurrency investors. In addition to cryptocurrency, TFG offers metals, CFDs, stocks, and fiat currencies. New users can open a demo account to see how TFG works, before investing any actual money. Social trading may be the next big thing for cryptocurrency and traditional market trading.

TFG uses proven strategies and sources for selecting Top Traders. These are expert traders and money managers. Their history of trading must have stable income. TFG’s Top Traders make short-term trading orders, will close all orders within a day, and must produce consistent profits of 2% daily.

Followers are people who invest with TFG, and they are matched with Top Traders. Followers can see all of the trading decisions of the Top Traders they select, which can provide an educational crash course on how to trade. Also, followers can allow the Top Traders to make investment decisions for them, so users can take part in the market without investing the time and research needed in order to profitably trade. Profits will be more stable because Top Traders are reliable. Depending on the amount of capital invested, Followers will be able to follow up to 10 Top Traders. Following more Top Traders minimizes risk. The below chart shows the different levels of membership at TFG, and the corresponding number of Top Traders that can be followed for each membership level.

TFG will keep 30% of the Followers’ profit to give rewards to the Top Traders (15%), and the remaining is given to the Operation and Insurance Fund. Followers can receive 50% insurance if their daily trades result in a loss.

Overall profits for followers is capped at 200%. After this goal is reached, Followers will receive the principal and need to deposit more to continue trading and earning with TFG.

TFG aims to be listed publicly in 2020. TFG is awarding shares to all investors until the total amount of awarded shares reach 1,400,000,000 shares (40% of total corporate shares). The holders will receive dividends from the company’s revenue on a monthly basis, and after August 2019 these shares can be traded in the community. Higher membership levels come with increased stock bonuses, as can be seen in the above chart.

Followers can get bonuses from the TFG referral program. Anytime a new investor is referred, the Follower that referred them will get a fixed bonus based on the plan the new investor purchases.

Thus, users of the TFG platform have multiple avenues to make money including receiving profits by investing in Top Traders, earning TFG stock, and referring new users. New users can learn more by viewing this TFG presentation, contact TFG via the email [email protected], and can open a TFG account at this link.


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